LeEco outs Cool 1 Dual phablet with a 13MP dual camera setup

16 August, 2016
The smartphone packs a 5.5" 1080p display and runs on the Snapdragon 652 chip.

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  • Erwin

Anybody know how to active the rear second monochrome camera ?
I doesn't work now ? I have tried everything but no result.

Thanks from Holland!

  • rohi

Lunch date India

  • Steffie

Highest discount rate?

  • Aj

Great potential for Indian market as the dual camera phones in this price bracket is yet to be released by any company. Can easily fill the vacuum in 12-20 k segment as people are left with very few options like not so good looking moto g4 plus, featureless Samsung J series phones etc at the moment.

  • syan

what is the launching date in india

  • panku

launch date in india

  • Anonymous

V, 16 Aug 2016I'm not sure how many of you guys do actually own a LeEco device... more this device does look promising.

  • jack

There is mistake 4×1.4 ghz cortex a53

  • Anonymous

ash, 16 Aug 2016why use Cortex-A72 when Cortex-A73 is available... llooks like t... moreA73 is the successor of A53. Codename Artemis is the successor of A72, not yet released.

  • Anonymous

should hav alternate 2 xiaomi

  • lakki369

Looks better than the LeEco Le2 Max..!!

  • rishi

awesome phone by coolpad

  • AnonD-472910

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2016Better buy Xiaomi redmi note 3on paper at least this is better than the redmi note 3 in every way possible

  • AnonD-402029

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2016Better buy Xiaomi redmi note 3stop worshipping redmi note 3 already..

  • AnonD-459677

AnonD-542736, 17 Aug 2016A73 is the successor to A53,not A72...You are wrong dude,plz inform

  • AnonD-542736

A73 is the successor to A53,not A72...

  • Inam ul haq

This might be coz of low price.
common sense.

  • Anonymous

Better buy Xiaomi redmi note 3

  • SDKforLumia

Y u do dis, 16 Aug 2016"Flagship" comes with a snapdragon 652, lolDid you notice it's price?? Not!

  • SDKforLumia

Damn that's one hellova phone for its price.