Google's new video calling app Duo will soon offer audio-only calling feature

18 August, 2016
Just days after Google started rolling out its new video calling app Duo, it has been revealed that the app will also support audio-only calling soon. The revelation came from the company's product lead for communication Amit Fulay.

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AnonD-327460, 18 Aug 2016Hi, Have you used 'IMO' app? Which is also very clear and a... morei have used imo, hangout, skype, fb messenger and atleast 5-6 more video calling apps and trust me duo is better den all of dem

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    • Anonymous
    • vMf
    • 19 Aug 2016

    Bye Bye facetime Iphone need for big $$$ no more.

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      • Pritam
      • vwf
      • 19 Aug 2016

      Duo required good bandwidth, Zoom is much better as it works smoothly on low bandwidth

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        • Oncom
        • PZs
        • 19 Aug 2016

        I think to accererate Duo penetration to users, Google must make Hangouts and Duo interoperable. Meaning Hangouts able to connect to Duo and vice versa.

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          • AnonD-526754
          • wp2
          • 18 Aug 2016

          What's the point of it when Hangouts was already there ? If only google could roll out it as an update to the former.

          Anyway I used it today. My observations:

          > It is a really lightweight app so kudos for that.
          > But I consistently faced problem of "low connection quality" or something like that error which I can't remember and my video chat was paused by the duo. I am on a 5mbps stable wifi and the other person was also on wifi with a bit low speed than me. So no way the connection was poor.
          > At the same moment, Skype was able to make the call effortlessly.
          > My friend was able to see my more clearly with duo while I was able to see him more clearly with Skype, don't know why.

          One suggestion to duo devs, don't turn on the camera when the app is launched. It might be able to save the battery.


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            • Anonymous
            • RYf
            • 18 Aug 2016

            Wish they would just refine Hangouts instead of doing all this other junk.

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              • Gibby
              • Ixj
              • 18 Aug 2016

              What's the point of this App when Hangouts already does a good job with way more features?
              If the reason is improved video call quality - then why not do so to the existing Hangouts app instead of creating yet another video call app that no one (yet) uses?
              Seems futile to me.

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                • AnonD-402029
                • Hka
                • 18 Aug 2016

                even if i downloaded the apps, nooone of my friends and family will use it :/ i mean most ppl already loyal to their apps: whatsapp, messenger, skype etc..

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                  • Anonymous
                  • IWQ
                  • 18 Aug 2016

                  Meanwhile, i'm still waiting for Duo

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                    • Mazigh
                    • Fe0
                    • 18 Aug 2016

                    Have been trying a lot of VoIP clients lately and I believe the best app on weak broadband with good audio/video quality is called SOMA messenger, let's hope Google offer will be decent

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                      • nickname
                      • KxF
                      • 18 Aug 2016

                      just another video calling app

                      i have hangouts but dont know what will the future be after these new apps by google

                      and i have fb messenger which is really good

                      whatsapp has audio calling which is really good and to have video calling too in the future

                      well hope google has a good app here even though i wont be a user.

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                        • AnonD-327460
                        • ssY
                        • 18 Aug 2016

                        ssbatman21, 18 Aug 2016it is by far the best video calling app available in androi... moreHi, Have you used 'IMO' app? Which is also very clear and amazing. It's available in Android as well as iPhone. Give it a try, many people use it in countries where Skype is blocked. And IMO is not a heavy or space/RAM consuming app like Skype.

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                          • AnonD-60230
                          • f}8
                          • 18 Aug 2016

                          Using it in india.. found hangouts to be better! was able to talk on hangouts for hours but in here.. the experience was rather pathetic!

                            it is by far the best video calling app available in android.
                            using it for 2 days in india, its amazing.