Sony publishes official list of devices getting Android 7.0 Nougat

23 August, 2016
As you'd expect, its latest flagship offerings are joined by a select number of mid-rangers.

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  • 06 Jan 2019

AnonD-710591, 25 Oct 2017Now also my m5 is not updated to nougat 7.0Sorry to see, but Android Pie is already out , no Nougat , no Oreo updates - last for M5 is 6.0.1 and stick with it. Suffer the battery drain and be happy.

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    • AnonD-720265
    • Dkm
    • 04 Dec 2017

    SONY really disappointed the all customers in a years because of updates recent i brought c3 dual and last update getting lollipop then i brought c5 ultra only one update was come lollipop to mm..... It is buggy and still on lte....... Sony update n new thread sounds like new Nogut 7.0 update soon its seems long tym still on mm and we need update it to Nogut with volte enable this was pretty device phablet with 13mp 13mp cam....... And it has compatible with Nogut 7.0 why still Sony ignore it....... Please Sir Solve this big issue n update it with Volte enable soon 🔜

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      • AnonD-710591
      • ij2
      • 25 Oct 2017

      AadiRizvi, 25 Aug 2016M5 & C5 Ultra users, dont worry you'll get the 7.0 upda... moreNow also my m5 is not updated to nougat 7.0

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        • ij2
        • 25 Oct 2017

        now,also my xperia m5 is not updated to nougat 7.0.

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          • RDR
          • 7kh
          • 10 Jan 2017

          WHen will get nougat update for Z3 plus dual.need VoLte update also as I can't use installed dialer.

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            • Kreshn
            • utn
            • 01 Oct 2016

            AnonD-436554, 27 Aug 2016Dear Sir Will I Get marshamallow in C4 Plz reply when wil... moreJust check by downloading a pc companion app for you desktop or laptop. Connect the phone via USB cable and check for the update. If it's there, download and install it.

              I heard nothing against Qualcomm.

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                • hits ke
                • fuN
                • 29 Aug 2016

                what about sony z3+ dual sim will it get android 7.0 nougat

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                  • AnonD-436554
                  • utS
                  • 27 Aug 2016

                  Dear Sir
                  Will I Get marshamallow in C4 Plz reply when will it be Able for Them

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                    • AnonD-576613
                    • vLx
                    • 26 Aug 2016


                    Don't upgrade your Phone to new OS Sony Marshmallow update did not work correctly in some previous phones, please be careful because you could not put it back. But if you want try to backup the OS and firmware first before loading a new one.

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                      • AnonD-404798
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                      • 25 Aug 2016

                      Anonymous, 24 Aug 2016its not google fault. blame qualcomm, for not developing t... moreit's both Google and Qualcomm fault . Sony has no option and can't update Z3 , if they do they will probably get sued from google for doing so .

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                        • AnonD-404798
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                        • 25 Aug 2016

                        AnonD-344922, 25 Aug 2016Oh Sony - your promises are just that. Nothing to trust at ... morehow about you use PC companion to update your Z2 tablet bc MM is available for it ., if there is no update available you probably messed with the root or something , therefore it's not possible to update it trough normal procedure . so hardly SONY fault .

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                          • 25 Aug 2016

                          Please add in xperia m4aqua dual for upgrading android 7 nougat

                            AnonD-473024, 25 Aug 201664-bit vs 32-bit 32GB ROM vs 16GB ROM SD810 vs SD801 I... moreHardware compatibility... it's funny to see the fact that the nougat preview was first implemented on Z3 :D

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                              • AnonD-27520
                              • iLa
                              • 25 Aug 2016

                              Hey folks, please get relief and switch to iOS it's always updated !! android is the adopted son of Google :) :P

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                                • Md Saud
                                • 7kH
                                • 25 Aug 2016

                                Why not support 7.0 nought

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                                  • 6XU
                                  • 25 Aug 2016

                                  AadiRizvi, 25 Aug 2016M5 & C5 Ultra users, dont worry you'll get the 7.0 upda... moreHope my Z3 will get android 7 as well.

                                    M5 & C5 Ultra users, dont worry you'll get the 7.0 update after this phase of update completes as Sony says in their blog:
                                    "We’ve been working hard to bring this major update to as many of our devices as possible, as quickly as we can."
                                    So, this means, we can expect some more news from Sony in a couple of months.

                                      Alan, 24 Aug 2016For those of you asking about Z2 & Z3 update you did be... moreAnd what about the 2015 mid range series (M4, M5 & C5 Ultra)? They were not even mentioned. And last update for Z3+ for sure but not for the Z5. Its not even an year old as on this day and has one more year until it reaches to EoL.

                                        AnonD-473024, 25 Aug 2016Both Z2 and Z3 has 16gb (11gb user available) of internal s... moreSo does it mean the new Nexus 5x 16GB/2GB variant wont be getting 7.0 and onwards? Ridiculous it sounds, isn't it?