Moto E3 Power becomes available in Hong Kong with 3,500 mAh battery

25 August, 2016
The phone hasn't been officially announced yet, but that isn't stopping it from going on sale apparently.

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  • AnonD-282770

AnonD-389018, 27 Aug 2016If they have much greater experience then why they are givi... moreAgreed. OEM should listen to what consumer wants.
And further all these high-tec labs are testing beds with very controlled conditions and does not give actual results how consumer uses phones on daily basis.
So companies testing lab results has nothing to do with consumer experiencing the issues.

  • vinus

Atleast 4.3''or 4.5'' screen with SD 420 ,720 x 1280 resolution, 2G GB Ram, 16gb Builtin Memory, with same battery would have made Good Deal.

Guess lenovo is slowly killing Moto Brand to Highlight Lenovo rather than Developing, product More & Reap profits.
Staying away from this brand until its out of lenavo hands.IBM Series was Way better in Quality than Current Lenovo laptops,Just My view on lenovo brand.

  • Anonymous

These guys have no complaints I'd Samsung selling worst Spreadtrum chipsets in this price range... They only look at GHz value... Actually MT6735p 1GHz is 100% better and power efficient than cheap spreadtrums...

  • AnonD-389018

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2016For anyone who comment, and question why this company did t... moreIf they have much greater experience then why they are giving us a product that we aren't willing to get interest in? Who's willing to go with a phone with 1 Ghz processor phone in 2016 when everyone wants higher processing speed.... Their lab tests & experiments are of no use if they don't understand what the buyer wants. & We are the buyers telling them what we want.

AnonD-282770, 26 Aug 2016Agreed. Lenovo is trying to kill Moto Brand :( and HTC is ... moreAgreed. Lenovo should study why the Moto phones were good with Google and do the same.
Nokia should wake up and make an other revolutionary phone.
LG should try more.
HTC should bring a phone that will put them in the mainstream again.
Blackberry should try more also, but their Android flavour is the safest.
Apple should make a phone that is worth it's 1000$, or sell their phones at their real price, to gain back all the users that migrated at other OEM.
Microsoft could have done better on its phones, in example by ''stealing'' code from Android, since it is the most popular OS and it is Open Source.
Samsung, well they aren't in the red. Have a longer support for their devices and offer DUOS with both SD (UFS) and dual sim at the same time would be my only demands.

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2016agree, but in the past motorola will keep snapdragon chip b... moreThe SD400 would have done the job. It does for me on the Moto G1...

  • AnonD-282770

AnonD-316934, 26 Aug 2016Lenovo is giving slow death to Moto! Sturdyness/Ruggedness ... moreAgreed. Lenovo is trying to kill Moto Brand :(
and HTC is trying to kill itself by launching desire series with overpriced phones :)
Even iPhone is declining, Microsoft is further low and BB is NO More. LG will soon die with no innovation.
Only OEM that is going to survive is Samsung and all other Chinese manufactors.
Hoping to see some good phones from Nokia (King of Mobile).

  • Anonymous

For anyone who comment, and question why this company did this, why they chose this processor, it should be 1.4 not 1 ghz .....etc
Do not try to prove that your knowledge and experience is better than these companies, they are working hard to Excel and compete in a crowded market, they have labs testing the hardware, the software, the market space they are competing in.
And lastly.....l guarantee you this are not reading and will not consider this please just tell us useful thing like your personal experience with the device or similar from the same company. PERIOD

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2016Redmi has another price groupDude thay have same price
dont comment if u dont even know price

  • AnonD-316934

Lenovo is giving slow death to Moto! Sturdyness/Ruggedness ended with Moto g3T phone. MotoG4 is a failure in ruggedness and now its going with MTK processors! Degradation!

  • VR27

No Moto anymore please.

Restarting issues

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2016Dude did u ever hered of redmi 3 prime?Redmi has another price group

  • Anonymous

Arya, 26 Aug 2016I think Xiaomi is better option... Why spend my money for ... moreIn computer world: chip is the brain, but mapping this brain to better output is different story, one plus 3 with bigger ram, and only push HD display lose to moto z force. Moto e3 is much better choice than xiomi

  • Anonymous

AnonD-572776, 25 Aug 2016for 140~ bucks you want a ferrari? Still, im amazed it has... moreDude did u ever hered of redmi 3 prime?

Lenovo completely destroyed Moto series. Moto G4 series with heating snapdragon processor. Definitely motoroal company chooses snapdragon 650 or 652. Not they chooses mediatech processor (battery eating processors) for moto E. 2.5 years I used Moto G 1st gen without any issue. miss u Moto.

  • Anonymous

munna, 26 Aug 2016Why mediatek processor why not SD430 processor atleast they... moreBecause of Lenovo crap

  • AnonD-185779

AnonD-560664, 25 Aug 2016It's a low end phone, genius. Not everyone can or wants to ... moreits not that its low end, its that there are now many phones with much better specs, functionality in this price range. the original moto e was known to be a great phone at a very low price and even now people still want to see that kind of moto. now lenovo moto is just like any another company and moto e lovers are sad about that. do u understand?

  • Anonymous

another electronic junk we, hong kong people, will never buy.

  • munna

Why mediatek processor why not SD430 processor atleast they should have given 1.4ghz instead of 1ghz. Mediatek processor are not so power efficient.

  • Arya

I think Xiaomi is better option...
Why spend my money for MT processor,
If I buy some good phone at same price...