Acer Liquid Metal leaks again, brings a tablet along

21 October, 2010
If you plan on getting yourselves a shiny new smartphone for Christmas, you might have one hell of a choice to make. Acer obviously has a thing or two to say about that too. The following leaked pics suggest that...

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  • Anonymous

DO NOT GET AN ACER TABLET!!! I made the mistake of buying the 7 inch A100. Loved it until the update. I used the dolphin browser then GOOGLE took over on the update and all hell broke loose. I refuse to use it anymore, nor will I use GOOGLE SPYWARE!!! That is what I call Google now!

  • Anonymous

ohhhh...I have a Liquid E...The Metal looks like it would have beter-flater side button size-feel. Longer phone probably has permanent capacitive keyboard like one of their tablets.

  • SonOfPires

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2010Well,,,,mmmmmmmmmmm ( it looks Ugly ). And BTW, with the G... moreDepends on the price.

If it costs half the others, it's worth it

  • Rizwan

I am just qurious that does is this gadget contains amoled screen display or something else?

  • Anonymous

Well,,,,mmmmmmmmmmm ( it looks Ugly ).
And BTW, with the Galaxy S, HTC DHD & Nokia N8 & E7, who will look at this acer..??!!!

  • Raj

This is very nice, but lets see how its work.

  • Kacjer

Camry, 22 Oct 2010Wow, I find the liquid metal really beautiful. Seriously li... moreIt's copying nokia e series back design, seriously!

  • t

I need either bigger pockets or to start carrying a manbag!

  • Vivek A

Hey GSM Arena, Popular Music Software Winamp is on Android...No updates on that

  • Camry

Wow, I find the liquid metal really beautiful. Seriously like the color and design at the back.

  • nameless

in this post you will notice that LG chocolate is like long version of nokia e71 hehe

  • Anonymous

Oh Man do i love stock Android

  • Random

So many phones coming out.....

  • Anonymous

I like it...

  • Anonymous

fugly as devices. do they have no idea about design. even galaxy or ipad looks better.

  • Skeye

These are ugly shxt...