ASUS updates ZenFone 2 to Marshmallow

31 August 2016
Only about five months late.

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  • 20 Feb 2017

PRASAD, 21 Sep 2016mine is zenfone ze551ml but still idid not receive any mars... moreYou have to update it manually

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    • PRASAD
    • bEK
    • 21 Sep 2016

    mine is zenfone ze551ml but still idid not receive any marshmallow update

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      • AnonD-477170
      • g3X
      • 04 Sep 2016

      does this update work on asus zenfone selfie

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        • RobyG
        • 5Er
        • 03 Sep 2016

        Quick You Tube instructions found here ! its a large zip file to down load, it will take time !
        load it to ASUS main directory and don't unzip it ! then reboot your mobile and Android system will detect it and upgrade !

          • V
          • Vishal Mahajan
          • tUr
          • 03 Sep 2016

          Simply download the zip file on to your phone's internal memory and then reboot your phone. Post reboot it will automatically detect system update and upgrade your phone to Marshmallow. Hope it helps!

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            • tushar agola
            • 7kH
            • 03 Sep 2016

            you don't find update after moving zip file in your phone storage
            you need to remove your sdcard
            and show up-date notification.

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              • Just Passing By
              • t7Z
              • 03 Sep 2016

              AnonD-35807, 01 Sep 2016When we will got OTA Update? Please please please........You need to manually update to Marshmallow by downloading the files from asus site.

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                • Vis356
                • 7kH
                • 03 Sep 2016

                AnonD-452494, 01 Sep 2016Better late than never. Already see a massive boost in RAM ... moreHow to update after downloading file

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                  • Ishwant
                  • uuP
                  • 02 Sep 2016

                  AnonD-577402, 01 Sep 2016Bloody hell, WTF, Asus, my phone after update manually Andr... moreCan u tell me what to do after downloading the file manually

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                    • rajesh kunnoth
                    • uuF
                    • 02 Sep 2016

                    no multiple sign in? i dont want marshmallow

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                      • Timotius
                      • y}{
                      • 02 Sep 2016

                      Sorry for my english.
                      Yes, everything still intact. However some (a few, only 2 in my experience) apps do have problems (glitch, crash, can't open, etc.).
                      But if you can wait patiently until the vendors update their apps, please don't hesitate to update to Marshmallow.

                        • h
                        • hyperabhi
                        • Y}L
                        • 02 Sep 2016

                        Update in marshmallow is not good, u cannot disable tap on screen, pc link is removed, remote link is removed, and multiple sign is not available in marshmallow update

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • gDp
                          • 02 Sep 2016

                          OTA not yet available. Will never buy ASUS again...

                            Anonymous, 01 Sep 2016I look at Zentalk and its recommended to back up your data.... moreThank you for the tip!

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • XPu
                              • 01 Sep 2016

                              Can anyone help me. .. I have downloaded the file now what to do .. how i install the file because its a zip file of 1.19gb now i dont know what to do next. . Please if anyone know providr me the process of install the file

                                • F
                                • Farshad
                                • pkG
                                • 01 Sep 2016

                                At last! This is my last ASUS mobile device. I always have had the best experience with ASUS PC motherboards, but the cell-phane experience has been a disaster for me.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • vgM
                                  • 01 Sep 2016

                                  Android - Prime, 01 Sep 2016Anyone that already updated their ZE551ML, is your data sti... moreI look at Zentalk and its recommended to back up your data. But i dont do that due its need long long time to backup so I flash Android M FW without backuping data. But still I recommend to backuo first, dont forget → DWYOR

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                                    • AnonD-577402
                                    • thv
                                    • 01 Sep 2016

                                    Bloody hell, WTF, Asus, my phone after update manually Android M, it gets hang when opening a site from Google chrome. Previously on Android L, this things never happened to me

                                      Anyone that already updated their ZE551ML, is your data still there?
                                      Respond pls, I need to clarify this before updating my ZE551ML too

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                                        • AnonD-549785
                                        • r$5
                                        • 01 Sep 2016

                                        Good thing I have cyanogenmod on my Zenfone 2