Reliance Jio 4G launching publicly in India next week; tariff plans announced

01 September, 2016
Indian oil-to-telecoms conglomerate Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has announced that its telecom leg Jio will start offering 4G services from next week - September 5 to be precise. The announcement was made by none other than the RIL's chairman Mukesh Ambani at the company's AGM today.

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  • ajay kumar

nice network jio free data calling always

  • Anonymous


  • anil chaudharu

good speed i like this


bast wifi and good speed...........i love it jio .
thankyou jio

  • AnonD-425992

AnonD-4254, 04 Sep 2016Yes, 4G LTE is an all-data network only, and normally, they make... moreNo idea on it yet. But I wonder how much they can cover with wifi?

  • zozoo

it's awosam i like it

  • Anonymous

I am a handicapped senior citizen from Pune.
I have LYF wind 6 dual sim mobile phone and I went to a service centre in Kharadi called Reliance Mart Almonte.
There was a defect in my phone which the service engineer repaired free of cost as it is in warranty. Did a good job.
Thereafter they gave me a SIM card which is to be activated and I have no Adhar card,Driving licence or passport, so I gave my Black and white PAN card Xerox copy,latest electricity bill Xerox and photo and filled up the given form.
I have 3 Reliancenetconnect dongles which were cancelled because CDMA and lost a lot of mbs and also 4 CDMA SIM cards which had lot of balances. All went . Very distressing.
I hope my JIO number gets activated soon.
Long Live Reliance.
Yashwant Sanghvi

  • AnonD-4254

AnonD-425992, 02 Sep 2016It's all data network. THe calls you make is not like in other n... moreYes, 4G LTE is an all-data network only, and normally, they make calls on 3G or 2G network bands. I've also been informed by some people that Jio's call quality in GSM has improved a lot... so they're right I guess.

And with Wifi, I guess you mean those high power Wifi towers that Reliance is fitting at few places in the city. I wonder what's their range, any idea?

  • AnonD-577828

Currently 10MBPS is very good speed in many parts of india, if this is achieved with out interrruption then its fair for many users who are currently suffering from receiving good speeds in top cities and towns. check out jio speeds­nce-Jio-4g-speeds-K0O1283.html

  • AnonD-580078

Jio will fulfill Modi's mission of digital India as the service will support wide range of phones List here : which will appeal to the masses.

  • pareek

i love this gio

  • neu

but there is no 4g volte supported on majority smartphones like lenovo and many other models which in case no 4g hd calling only just 4g

  • sunil kumar


  • mantu

thank u jio

  • AnonD-427767

4GFan, 01 Sep 2016FREE Voice call is NO BRAINIER, since it's challenging to track ... more₹50/GB of data is above the base plan.

Pack of ₹149 gives you only 300 MB of data and say ₹499 pack is out of your budget. What you can do is recharge with ₹50 Data pack and get 1GB data.

So for ₹199 you got unlimited calls, 100 Sms' and 1.3GB data.

You can do such ₹50 recharge several(may be unlimited) times.

Also if you choose 75GB Plan than each extra GB costs you ₹25 and not ₹50.

And if you have forgotten, Taxes are there too.

If Mr. Mukesh even said that ₹100 for unlimited calls than also I would have happily accepted.

Charges of 75GB data + Base cost of calls + Sms' + Night Data + Taxes accumulates too ₹4.5K.

Remember when you recharge with ₹10 card you only get ₹7.7.
Same way calls are free but they do have a base expense. You dont have to recharge talktime to make calls.

I am not against you amd nor with Jio. I know Jio have calling issues. But believe me even Airtel and Vodafone have call drops.

Give time to Jio. You never know. Maybe it will become the best in India.

  • AnonD-267809

yes, until 31st dec 2016.

  • Sathish

4GFan, 01 Sep 201675% of the revenue of Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Tata & other t... moreThis is just calculation... Do you think Jio will attract 60 crore customer? certainly not... not even in long term process...

  • AnonD-2349

4GFan, 01 Sep 2016FREE Voice call is NO BRAINIER, since it's challenging to track ... more2nd last row.. there isnsome gb's written there.. add them.. thats how the cost comes to 50 or even to less than 23 rs/gb but you need a gio fi for that which costs 2800 rs..

For me, i am soending a lot on calls so 149 is a bang for me.. as for data, 300 mb is more than enough to get whatsapp working or simple browsing when not at home

Everyone has a wifi at can still use that...;)
Now before you start saying that 300 mb for those who dont have wifi is too low..
Well someone who still doesn't has wifi in todays age is not going to immediately google torrents as soon as he gets internet for 1st time ( rural areas ). Besides you choose a pack for yourself, and stop worring about others. Its, at the moment much cheaper than other operators out there who still provide a max speed of 10 to 15 mbps
Atleast this i have seen going tl 34mbps in front of my eyes at

  • Trj

i just want to ask tht after sept 5 will welcome offer will include unlimited net to new customers who will purchase after 5 sept

  • AnonD-135543

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2016What about previous talks that 10 GB data for rupees 93?? Is tha... moreI agree with you.... Even Airtel is providing 10 GB data for 995. I use the same plan.... Only the good thing in Jio is free voice calls - no need to spend on that.
Also need to consider that most of the 4g bands/frequency are owned by Airtel and idea(Vodafone is using Airtel bands), need to check for the network of reliance as it has poor signals in rural areas and districts.. signals strength will available only in metros I guess