Weekly poll results: mini flagships showered in love

04 September 2016
Selection bias is probably strong in this poll - people who care about super minis are quite vocal about it.

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  • AnonD-556180

DantE O2, 05 Sep 2016i am tall, i have not-small clothes and not-small pockets ... moreI think manufacturers should make a range of sizes of high speed smartphones from 4 to 6 inches to cater to all..

  • AnonD-236540

I have two 6inch phones, an a8 pro and a xa ultra, but I am not comfortable with them, to carry or running around, so I use a z5 compact as my main phone. So compact phones are more usable

i am tall,
i have not-small clothes and not-small pockets and not-small hands.
so i don't care what small people do with their lives or smartphones i pick big ones.
same goes the other way and this kind of polls are completely useless.
you will never learn GMSarena,

  • AnonD-507785

Unfortunately Compact phone from Sony died with Z series. I was fan of it since the very beginning (Z1C), but this is just a mini versions. Sony missed big time on that one. Shame really, because X Compact would probably be my next phone, but now I don't want one, since it's missing features of its bigger brother. Sony has a good track record of listening to the feedback, so there is still hope for fix...if not this year, then perhaps next.

  • Yujikon


A mini flagship should have the size of a compact smartphone.
Screens with 5" or more are not small enough to call themselves a mini smartphone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2016Once you used a bigger screen it is not comportable to go b... morei had bigger screen before now note 3 .. z ultra .. then note edge and ipad 2 before all of them and recently an midrange asus tablet ... and now !!! i use xperia x with 5 inch that is compact too and smaller than my older phones and i love it .. just i keep my z ultra for use in home and my note 3 is for my brother

  • Anonymous

Agree with Alien on most things he said. Sony's compacts aren't so good anymore as they used to be. The best designed phones IMHO by Sony were the Z series phones with their omnibalance designs. The Z5 had more features but I liked the earlier design better. If they release two compact phones a year, one with high end specs and the other with mid range, then I think would probably sell a lot, because of two things: 1) Sony design and waterproofing and 2) Compact size, I think a lot of people still prefer that, including myself. I just want a decent compact phone with good battery life and waterproof feature and Sony's compact phones have them, but this time, they've missed it in the compact department I guess because it's not an absolute best nor mid range. It's somewhere in-between which many aren't happy about. Also, it doesn't have the waterproofing anymore, so it pretty much destroys the 'compact' dream. The Z5 compact was a better idea in terms of design and the features it had to offer though it's succeeded by the X compact now. It was indeed a compact with flagship features, while XC is not. I believe if they release a XZ compact with ALKALIEDO or a very compact and flat, elegant looking design, then many would buy that. As always, Sony fan. I have a lot of ideas for the Sony phones as I've always liked the brand.

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2016Well perhaps the story is sponsered by sony, like all those... moreonce you go edge you cannot come back...the infinity edge illusion is just awesome..and the oohs and aahs when you take it out are unlike any other...loving it on an s7 edge..

  • yoyoyoy

Where u at samsung s7 mini?

  • Anonymous

Once you used a bigger screen it is not comportable to go back on smaller screen. That the reason why the bigger screen become popular.

  • Alien

I consider myself a Sony fan but nothing is set in stone if a device is really great. The Z Compact USED to be great, but now Sony really fked up with the X Compact.
No waterproof and a mid-range processor with a mid-range GPU is a total deal-breaker. Yeah, it performs good for a regular person, but not good enough for tech enthusiasts.
This is not a compact phone anymore, but a mini
Other than that, I love their new design. I'm only into the monolithic type of design. The S7 for example is too damn round for my taste. It really gives me that annoying feeling of a cheap phone.
Also, that ZTE Chinese crap is not a mini or a compact as it is above 4.7-4.8 inches, making it "regular" sized.
The MAX size I'm comfortable with is 5.5" for me. Anything above is a phablet which I hate. I'm not desperate to show off to friends how big is my phone, actually I think having a phablet you can't have privacy anymore as everyone can see what you do with it. Not to mention that one handed use is out of the question and it feels very uncomfortable in the pocket.
Hope that Sony will make their next compact phone with a high-end processor and GPU and also they bring back waterproof.

  • Anonymous

Trooper, 04 Sep 2016Prove it!. Although the latter part of your comment I am... moreWell perhaps the story is sponsered by sony, like all those viting fiasco's we had on here when microsoft took over nokia, all to let nokia be seen to be winning, look at the two top pictures its funny, the vote is for a brick the girl had to carry, whilst the Samsung phone which fits in the pocket, is portrayed as being on the losing side, all subliminal, all crafted, All I know is, when you line up a beautifull s6 edge besides a bland iphone, check out the 5.1 screen against 4.7 in the same casing side, plus all the other ffeatures, and the phone you are looking for has already arrived. The front of the white iphone looks like an old galaxy s3, with a different shaped home button, but with an out of balance ugly sensor array, but even then a sony brick makes an iphone look good. Simple then, take the s6 edge cram all the latest features in that beautiful petite frame, but curve the back like the newer Samsung's, your left with ultimate style, perfect form, the best screens in market, equal best camera and music, the most complete software package, the only downside would be room for front facing stereo speakers, but there is every kind of bluetooth apt-x speaker or headset or car head unit on the planet, so thats kinda void. Gimme a s6 edge with an s7's guts with a curved back, and we have arrived.

  • AnonD-580431

I hail frm asia, and a member of the senior community. As such, my preference for smaller devices is obvious. 4.7" would be ideal for me, in the muold of the galaxy alpha, my son's phone. I just love that one! Throw in the specs of the galaxy s7, perfect!

  • AnonD-510098

The bigger the better

  • AnonD-510098

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2016No, on screen Buttons are never good. They make your effect... moreVery true

  • Anonymous

I just want very good 5" or less smartphone for less than $300 which is good at at real life performance even if it is a Windows mobile.

  • AnonD-22157

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2016most flagship phones these days are mostly 5.5 inch !! suck... morehave you checked the expected price???

  • AnonD-556180

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2016most flagship phones these days are mostly 5.5 inch !! suck... moreYeah..

  • Anonymous

most flagship phones these days are mostly 5.5 inch !! sucks for people like me who prefer comapact 4.5-5inch smartphone with flagship spec !! sony is good at flagship grade compact phones but the pricing is totally not satisfying.

  • AnonD-556180

Manufacturers have managed to bring down the size of handphones from the brick sized ones in the past for convenience. N now its back to brick size..