Michael Kors releases two Android Wear smartwatches

06 September 2016
Michael Kors has released two new watches based on Android Wear, Dylan and Bradshaw, as part of the Michael Kors Access series.

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  • AnonD-237381

Tizen is so much better than Android Wear...

  • AsusTech

Leo, 06 Sep 2016The beauties of Android. You have choice and a lot to choos... morebefore you drop hate, atleast check your spelling, and also, Apple and iOS has one brand, Android has multiple brands that they are under, so that comparison is clearly pointless

  • F-him

What just like the comment he made in the past about his bags isn't for blacks or Hispanics the watch isn't too. You'll be a fool to support him....

  • AnonD-159576

Not really expensive compared to the current flagship ones that cost about the same or a little higher.

  • AnonD-384557

That ugly flat tire

  • Leo

The beauties of Android. You have choice and a lot to choose from not the same watch with different bands (Apple)

  • AnonD-570519

They are really expensive