JBL Soundboost MotoMod is free when buying a Moto Z Force Droid

08 September 2016
So you're not sure you're into the whole MotoMods thing that Motorola unveiled for its Z line of smartphones? Well, there's now a convenient way to find out whether or not you actually are a fan of the modularity of these handsets - grabbing a free MotoMod, that is.

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Good thing from Moto

    • D
    • AnonD-312515
    • Y7u
    • 10 Sep 2016

    They're practically giving these away now, people just aren't into modularity whether it's from LG, Moto or Google via the now-defunct Project Ara. Phone manufacturers have to come up with something much more clever if they wanna convince people to ditch their old phones for "newer" ones, and I don't see anything worthwhile in the horizon.

      • D
      • AnonD-190634
      • spP
      • 09 Sep 2016

      The mods are way too expensive! Not a fan ;!

        • R
        • Ravi
        • DD0
        • 09 Sep 2016

        Getting $80 in buying $720 phone is not such a great deal anyway. Moto Z Play is way over the bar considering a LG G5 is in $500 range now.

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          • AnonD-393912
          • 61{
          • 09 Sep 2016

          AnonD-404798, 08 Sep 2016that's cool and miles ahead of G5 ugliness...The fact that you don't have to turn off your phone and dissect it just to install a mod is a great plus.

            • S
            • Shogun
            • qd}
            • 09 Sep 2016

            Most phone are powerful enough for a average user and since I listen to music daily, a useful mod make me thing about getting a Motorola phone.

              • D
              • AnonD-404798
              • d%{
              • 08 Sep 2016

              that's cool and miles ahead of G5 ugliness...

                • l
                • lilbitz
                • xR5
                • 08 Sep 2016

                Motorola is the boss.