Samsung Q3 results are out: market share and profit increase

29 October, 2010
The second largest cellphone manufacturer just published its Q3 results and things are looking pretty good. Unlike their neighbors from LG who had a rather rocky quarter, Samsung continue to gain...

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  • dj

And now Samsung is also working on Skype for Bada....

  • Kieran

iPhones sell as they are smartphones for the simple or the easy. Android phones are inherently more complicated, but anyone who puts a little bit of effort into their phone will benefit far more from an android.

  • Anonymous

apple sold 14m iphones compared to 7m for the galaxy s

although the galaxy s did a great job, but my god the iphone sold twice as much !!!!

And the problem is that twice much means 7 more millions.

  • Someone

Apple are now the Number 4 Mobile Phone vendor in the world. Including having the most popular smartphone in Japan.

And they only release ONE PHONE A YEAR!!!!

Absolutely incredible. No, really, absolutely incredible!!!

  • Someone

Kierann, 29 Oct 2010hardly mate. The iPhone 4 at best matches specifications fo... moreBut iPhones are so beautiful to use. Mmmmmm.

  • Anonymous

grtpaper, 29 Oct 2010so who is the first largest cellphones manufacturer.Nokia is buddy

  • grtpaper

so who is the first largest cellphones manufacturer.

  • Kierann

You're just being fu, 29 Oct 2010Joker :D Now motorola is no match ti iPhone or (APPLE) - y... morehardly mate. The iPhone 4 at best matches specifications for things like the Motorola Droid 2, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD etc. etc.

Yeah, sure the iPhone has a lovely screen and good built in memory. But a mediocre camera, non-expandable memory system, lack of file management, bluetooth and video call limitations, small screen size (at least for something that's nearly 700 quid in some places). I wont deny that iPhone's are good phones, but a lot of other manufacturers top of the line phones can match or surpass the iPhone. People buy iPhones cause they are simple.

  • You're just being fu

Kieran, 29 Oct 2010Who cares what apple got? Apple's profits don't relate to S... moreJoker :D
Now motorola is no match ti iPhone or (APPLE) - you're not even putting similarly spec'd phones here because motorola got NOTHING against iPhones.. Not even Samsung can't beat iPhones.. But maybe later WP7 will advance so much that it could compete against iOS.. Or androidgingerbread or later... But then APPLE will release new software and phone next year and will probably kill other phones again :D

  • Kieran

Who cares what apple got? Apple's profits don't relate to Samsung at all really, just means that they will both survive to compete.

When a manufacturer that was near its doom (Motorola) can produce devices that can compete with or even better an iPhone, where's your apple pride going?

  • akash from nepal

after samsung star my next samsung will be galaxy 551 because i didn't like i9000 galaxy s very costly

  • Apple ---> #1

Apple is still much better in every aspect vhen compared the size of the company and have more money to burn ! ..$$$..