Report details OS market share in Q3, Android pulls off 10x growth

1 November, 2010
Yesterday, we wrote about how mobile phone manufacturers performed. Today we thought we take a look at OS market shares, check the US market and also Microsoft's standing before Windows Phone 7...

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Anonymous, 07 Nov 2010hi guys,I have a simple question,what does Q3 mean? And when is ... moreQ = Quarter

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2010hi guys,I have a simple question,what does Q3 mean? And when is ... moreQ3 = Quarter 3 of 2010, ie the months July, August, September ... so Q4 = October, November, December.

  • Anonymous

hi guys,I have a simple question,what does Q3 mean? And when is Q4? I really want an answer for this.ASAP.

  • Anonymous

I wonder how can the experience of people writing on this thread can be so contradictory.

I have used Symbian for years. I have also used WM and android.

I liked best the software on WM, ease of use on Android and stability on Symbian.

But in my experience (since nokia 6600), both Android and WM had way more problems than Symbian, no matter the use of the device (power user or everyday use).

  • how can people

still defend symbian os ? because of it's the cheapest smartphone platform on the world ? Multitasking is not everything, symbian can not even do anything in a right way. It is out of style, stability and fluence. Also it is 10 year old OS with lots of bugs inside what a shame :P

iOS took smartphone world to a higher level,and so android is taking much higher. Symbian is at the underground level lol.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2010ha ha , fyi...I DO NOT own iphone and I only use Android, which ... moreone thing is right as android way superior than IOS

  • Nagol

Well last time I checked US is not the world. Nokia as 1 brand, and Symbian as 1 OS still rules the world.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2010n73 used to be a gud phone when the time it phon... moreha ha , fyi...I DO NOT own iphone and I only use Android, which I find it much superior than Symbian.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2010Here is what I know about Symbian... - most users of N76 &... moren73 used to be a gud phone when the time it phones do many smart things than the current iphone do..u called iphone is smart? haha..kidding this time also look at android how it works..they are smart phones not the idumbs..people like u just think that if u own iphone even though its dumb phone ,world thinks u r in an elite group..haha dream on..and if u r a troll it doesnt mean u have to bash nokia symbian in all their topics..and u r a very good liar..

  • Anonymous

Here is what I know about Symbian...

- most users of N76 & N73 only cared about the phone being the rare "flip" spices or having the best cam at the time. Most users had no idea how the "smart" functions worked.

- my colleagues who own E63 bought the phone only because it was "dirt cheap" with qwerty. They didn't care what Symbian is all about.

the previous Symbian phone I used had the follow issues

- it did NOT allow me to customize the home screen, but all "feature" phones I used at the time allowed me to do so
- it DID NOT allow me to rearrange the order of the icons, but all "feature" phones I used at the time allowed me to do so
- after clicked into the first layer, most of the useful stuff were located within Setting, and the other icon proved to be useless
- I really liked the form factor of my previous Symbian phone, unfortunately it rebooted itself even though I did NOT install a single software on it. It did NOT even work as a PHONE.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2010As anybody can tell you, just because you sell a product doesnt ... moreI can tell you more people come back into my shop with problems with nokias and symbian Sony ericssons than anything else.
Usually never get someone with an iPhone having problems, and we sell 10 times more iPhones than anything else.
Before the iPhone came out we used to book in between 5 to 10 repairs a day. Since we started selling iPhones and HTCs, we now book in less than 1 a day. And it's usually a Sony, LG or Samsung. People gave up with nokia with the N97, we had so many problems with it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2010How can anybody believe that Symbian has more lags and glitches ... moreI don't know about the rest of symbian based phone, but in my experience using Nokia E51 and E52, I have had constant hang, reboot and others malfunction related to either hardware or the OS itself, it was a great OS in my Nokia 6600 era, but now it feels sluggish compared to my 1.6 X10. Oh and blackberry OS'es (5.0 and 6.0 in my Gemini and Essex) also have similar tendencies with newer symbian altough with better eye candy.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]funny thing is the only video you have about Iphone 4 problems is antennagate which in the end was proved to be a location based problem (signal strength) where as ever Nokia phones suffer from a deficiency of power. Problems with N8 are the same problems with N97. Sluggish, screen freezing rendering it non responsive shutting down never to power up again.
look folks Nokia are just learning this whole touch screen phone bizz just over a year ago they were defending resistive touch screen technology Apple have never used it. Symbian ^3 is Nokia's first true touch screen OS Symbian^1 was a patched up version of S60 5th Edition which proved to be all wrong.
I suggest you all go back ad do some more research before come on here and start bashing other products which are way ahead of of Nokia.