T-Mobile myTouch 4G and Motorola DEFY hit it off in the US

3 November, 2010
The T-Mobile myTouch 4G (a.k.a. myTouch HD) and the Motorola DEFY are finally available at the T-Mobile stores across the US or online. And while the DEFY already made it to the some stores in Europe, the...

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  • Anonymous

the first life-proof smartphone...moto always makes innovation ...

love moto

  • Joe

was in the store today mytouch was to big and to heavy for a 3.8" screen lots of hardware space wasted thats my take on it

  • Anonymous

defy is my next phone

  • Manish

4G means only hi- internet speed or something else?

  • nutiblogi

another failboat delivered, epic or evo wimax-4G is somehow understandable, but what is 4g in this phone?

  • 100 Moto

Heard HK will also get Defy, either by Dec or Jan. If it will be available in Dec, it will be my 8th Moto Android handset this year.

  • aphid

Please someone release the defy with Nam 3g

  • Anonymous

It's gr8