Samsung Galaxy S is the first Wi-Fi Direct certified phone

4 November, 2010
The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S can add another highlight to its connectivity spec list - Wi-Fi Direct. Wi-Fi Direct is a very new technology and the Galaxy S is among the first devices to support it - and certainly the first...

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  • Anonymous

all phone specs are listed on this site.

  • Anonymous

what is this a quiz lol?

  • yashwant

can you name the company that has made the processor for samsung I5800 galaxy. Please reply

  • Euro

Galaxy S is a technology beast.

  • Anonymous

if its of any consequence I think the HTC is more likely to impress your friends rather than just another samsung phone! htc is more niche I think.

  • Anonymous

The HTC DESIRE HD has a faster variant of cpu than all other smartphones currently on the market. its in a different class altogether in terms of build quality you can also obtain faster 3.5g speed with this device than the galaxy s. but just like every smartphone its not perfect the lcd screen is both larger and clearer than the galaxy but the colours are not as vibrant due to htc reverting back to super lcd as opposed to amoled. I have both devices and they both have their good and bad points. what one fails on the other triumphs, what one triumphs on the other fails. it all comes down to the fact that nothing human beings make is perfect and that wont ever change. but for the moment the desire hd has the greatest horsepower I cant deny that fact.

  • Anonymous

What about my htc desire HD!! Hahaha. Samsung is far away chasing...

  • Anonymous

in 2003 I would have never even considered a high end samsung but today they have the features all the other ones do only with the superior screen technology, what a perfect combination. watch out nokia.

  • Anonymous

in my opinion samsung phones have the best quality displays and I believe this has allways been the case. I still have a samsung d410 circa 2003 and the display on that device still looks good today and can even rival newer phones from other manufacturers in some cases. of course samsungs in those days never had the features that their competitors had but they allways had better displays and ringtones.

  • Anonymous

there are also some current windows smartphones with internet sharing facility which only allows you to share the phones mobile network connection as I have allready described. not wi-fi related

  • Anonymous

no thats not correct like I said I have a 3 year old mda phone that has internet sharing ive used it in the past to link other devices to share its mobile network connection which is not related to wi-fi at all. with regards to the iphone its not everyones cup of tea because you are restricted to apple or apple approved downloads unless you jailbreak which voids the warranty. apple also told me they can detect if an iphone has been jailbroken even after it has been returned to its default condition although she did admitt they only check devices at random or if they initially suspect fowl play. there are other annoyances too like the inability to transfer files via bluetooth or the fact that the camera side has no manual settings on some models. apps may solve some issues but these are common smartphone features which should be standard out of the box. now tell me which device is the future paperweight?

  • gamoto

nah people
current phones only have internet sharing through wi-fi
this will allow full file access, like a wireless usb port, so you can transfer files from device to device at wireless n speeds, not just share the internet connection
and as yet none of the handsets can boast this
and i have to say its about time... bluetooth is like going back to using 56k modems

  • iphone lover

Hi all non-senses;
why should u people struck on this phone...
better u people go for any iphone models like 3gs or 4g....
i guarenteed that this samsung phones will be paper-weights for you after 1 year..

  • Anonymous

or indeed to replace the router as it explains.

  • Anonymous

actually I must correct that,the internet sharing function is to share the phones network connection with another device where as wi-fi direct uses the signal from a router to create another wireless access point at home broadband speeds. I have understood that correctly havnt I?

  • Anonymous

other devices have simular features like internet sharing which is essentially the same thing. infact I have a 3 year old mda phone that has this feature. but what gsm arena are highlighting here is that the galaxy S is the first certified wi-fi direct phone. the techology behind the concept is therefore not new but the type approval is.

  • Anonymous

WiFi direct does act as a router, and it's sole purpose is to allow network access to another device without a hotspot (Router).

  • cosmin

digital love, 06 Nov 2010non sense.... htc hd2 has a inbuild wireless router...Galaxy s has a wifi router too, but thats not what wifi direct is.

  • xpert

to those who are non sensing each other...
i think you guys mistaken each other's understanding.
WiFi direct is a Software as mentioned and router is a hardware as usual.

So no way they are related. WiFi directs if not mistaken, is creating a VPN via Ad-Hoc connection between devices and share your internet connection to the VPN.

However, I would like to hear if anyone having the same problem as mine. I installed a WiFi tethering software and has no problem sharing 3G internet to 2 Nokia Phones and a Laptop at the same time BUT I cannot share to another Android phone.

I am sharing from G2 to Samsung Galaxy 5.

Any help will be appreciated


  • Anonymous

digital love, 06 Nov 2010non sense.... htc hd2 has a inbuild wireless router...u r non sense.. were tlkng about wi-fi direct and not wi-fi router.. just accpt that ur Hd2 has no match wid galaxy s.