Amazon offering 35% discount on Fossil Q Founder if you order through Alexa

17 September 2016
If you are planning to purchase the Android Wear-powered Fossil Q Founder, you'll be glad to know that Amazon is selling the model with stainless steel bracelet for just $191.75, which translates into a discount of $103.25 or 35%.

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  • AnonD-552536

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2016"brought" is just too expensive for 10$!n fact;7$™

  • Anonymous

Ravinder singh, 17 Sep 2016I want to buy this watch if u can arrange 4 me I will be ve... moreAmazon isn't going to call you because you left one comment on a random review page.Your best chance is to call them yourself on your nations amazon help line. But this likely a regional offer rather than global unfortunately.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-552536, 17 Sep 2016hum ;1 brought one for 10$"brought" is just too expensive for 10$

  • Narrsh

It's still 52k on

  • Ravinder singh

I want to buy this watch if u can arrange 4 me I will be very glad to u amazon if it is possible plz arrange me a call thanking u.

  • AnonD-552536

hum ;1 brought one for 10$