HTC HD 7, HTC Surround and Samsung Focus hit the US market

8 November, 2010
The first devices based on the recently unveiled Windows Phone 7 platform are finally ready to take over the US, a few weeks after the first WP7-powered devices hit the stores across Australia, Europe, New Zealand...

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  • hate it love it

W7 phone is picking up soon but will take sometime to catchup with OS n Android well if Microsoft pays apps developer they will succeed. All W7 phones are indeed good smartphone, off course not really Iphone make no diffrent with the previous model except for it sharp outdated LCD Screen, u love it or hate it

  • Anonymous

having finally got windows 7 phones into the store near me i checked them out,the ui is indeed very drab indeed,its hard to describe the experience very much like a file manager app that got made into a phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2010Business is not good in the US...they're in recession.Try telling that to Apple.

  • Anonymous

i will wait for a SE to bring out a wp7 phone... SE sux on the software side but really good on the hardware.. since MS going to all the updating it going to be a awesome phone unlike HTC.. four wp7 phones... why can't they just make a really good ONE

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]retina, backlight camera sensor and gyroscope alone kills all these phone. there are loads of good apps for ios

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2010What is with these arbitrary $199 prices?? All these types ... moreremember you can cancel your contract in USA with considerably lower cancellation fees. People gets iphone 4 for as little as 35 dollars where as in US it is 35 pounds (ard 60 dollars) and 100pounds up front fees in uk

  • Anonymous

What is with these arbitrary $199 prices?? All these types of phones are just free ($0) on 24 month contracts in Australia, UK etc. At similar or even LOWER monthly service fees too.

The US market is atrocious. What a ridiculous rip off. Either phones should be free on contract, or you pay like $700 without a contract so you can go on a $15/month service. Like most sensible countries do.

  • fact is fact

Hey guys,

Didn't they say that samsung plans to announce something really big on the 8th of November ??! So where is it ?

I didn't hear anything about it here.


  • Paul

wow....i have now spent about an hour with my Samsung Focus...what an incredible OS and piece of hardware. This is the "freshest" operating system I have ever used (and i have pretty much used them all).

  • Anonymous

So in your wild wishes!

  • Anonymous

WM 7 is great inside but dressed badly!

  • arash

Guys WP7 is great, work with it then comment here, it looks ugly in screenshots because its an OS in motion, the beauty of it is in working with it, how fast and polished everything is, the transitions and all, if you wanted to judge an OS by it looks in screenshots winmo with htc sense was the best, but in real life, in motion, it was not

  • Anonymous

do you mean RETINA like display?

Surround sound from a 1 inch diaphram?

Super AMOLED! Does not last as long as LCD! Currently rather granular! Compare Gallaxy S to Iphone 4.

  • Anonymous

What will you choose?

Big Screen?
Surround Sound?
Super Amoled Screen?

  • Anonymous

Custom UI is like adding a spice of ones taste to food unless the interface in is near perfect ? Iphone ?Symbian ?BlackBerry Microsoft needs to reverse the decision to Block custom UI. Windows 6 was great! Added UIs made it more appealing! It will take me alot of distress and adjustment to accept this! Why must I be forced to paint my car yellow then I like the equipment but I like navy blue or silver gray?

  • Alui

Eight big and wide icons(widgets/shortcuts) on a 4 inch display?!!! I have no idea how MS allowed such a thing on the market.

  • Anonymous

How great is the idea of tile? They do not look creative. Tiles make the phones look ugly. Consider the Sense UI or Iphone or GDesk app on symbian, vs the tiles! How many tiles can this design take? Imagine the long scrolling you would do as apps are added. Windows 7 may be great but the UI is not intuitive or natural!

  • glad

Would be interesting to see how many of these would be sold..


Never seen people comment as bad as GSMArena, everything is considered bad to you guys expect for iPhone, or Nokia.

  • Anonymous

Business is not good in the US...they're in recession.