HTC announces the Desire 10 Pro and Desire 10 Lifestyle

20 September 2016
Mediatek P10, 20MP primary camera, FullHD 5.5-inch display for the Pro, Snapdragon 400 for the Lifestyle (uhm, what year is it?).

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  • Ravi

please add the full review of htc desire 10 lifestyle

  • AnonD-525483

HTC digging your own grave. Stupid decisions to have SD400... yuck... SD400 launched as entry level 3years ago, putting it in a midrange phone... yuck yuck yuck... Mediatek SoC for high range.. do you actually know anything about pricing...

  • Anonymous

Sony Xperia FOREVER, 22 Sep 2016you mean has so many copycat designs from other rivals like... moreyet they all either use that goddamn SD4xx series of SoC or an 615/617 SoC.

I expected a shitload of SD650/SD652 phones in 2016 not this crap!

  • Anonymous

I stopped reading after ...the aging and not particularly powerful Snapdragon 400...

For god's sake STOP making phones with that ancient SoC, dammit!

I want a SD 650 or preferably SD652 phone with FHD 5.0" (or max 5.2") display, at least 2GB Ram, at least 16GB internal storage+ micro-SD card slot, IR-blaster, user replaceable battery of at least 2700/2800MAh, non-protruding good camera (e.g. 16Mp with OIS and advanced focus), gorilla glass protection at the screen and canera-lens, headphone jack.

In fact give me an Galaxy S5 with OIS and SD652 SoC (together with the wireless charging cover) and I'm happy. It doesn't need to be as extravagant like an S6/S7 nor too shoddy like J-series or whatever its called.

I was happy with the S5's design and handling (especially with the thicker cover). It had everything I wanted and was feature complete when you got that optional wireless charging back-cover. In fact playing games is STILL faster on that S5 than on current S7 due to the S7's abysmal frames-per-second on that exaggerated QHD-screen.

It all went downhill since then :-(

  • AnonD-540667

And here i was thinking moto e 3 is probably the worst phone as when you compare it to what was expected of them but htc u just proved me wrong here and whats even worse is fact that it will literally be priced atleast twice the moto e 3 just for that better looks and that bloody hell htc name

abc, 21 Sep 2016chinese brands have a lot better design than Bonyyou mean has so many copycat designs from other rivals like samsung, iphone, htc..etc!

  • AnonD-361638

They should hv hone for X series.X10 for Desire lifestyle and X20 or X25 for Desire 10 Pro.using SD 400 is veryyyyyyyyyyy dumb decision.atlest the hv used 410 or 430.

  • abc

Sony Xperia FOREVER, 20 Sep 2016iphone... samsung... HTC, Xiaomi, Huawei, Chinese brands...... morechinese brands have a lot better design than Bony

  • AnonD-465570

Day by Day HTC becoming a Multi Local Company, Soon they will shutdown in All the places. HTC 7 was a brilliant design but trend is changing a Good company should follow the Trend to keep Customers happy

  • AnonD-139449

.. rather i would buy an iPhone 7.

  • Anonymous

copy design from sony xperia x compact

Micro USB is atiquated, wake up to the brilliant new "USB C" port HTC!!

  • Force Majeure

I don't get it, why not S410 or even S430. Are they really that clueless? It's not much of a difference in price.

  • Gareth

Stopped reading at P10, what a waste of a the rest of the hardware and software. Had to send the XA Ultra back due to graphical performance. *vom*

  • LLL

GSMA should review the Pro one. Don't bother with the Lifestyle.

iphone... samsung... HTC, Xiaomi, Huawei, Chinese brands...etc they all copycatting each other in designs, patents and whatsoever! it's a big boring smartphone industry and a BIG YAWN.

  • AnonD-229512

Lol on this shtty helio p10..

  • AnonD-563937

all HTC phones except their flags come with worst chipset u can get at time . they never go for midrange chipset yet they still sell most of their phones as midrangers .

  • AnonD-173026

The design even better than upcoming Nexus

  • AnonD-510275

I really want to buy a HTC phone (I never have one, maybe a just try), but they're not sell their product in my country (officialy)