BlackBerry DTEK60ís press photos leaked, looks exactly like an Alcatel Idol 4S

27 September 2016
The BlackBerry DTEK60, the company's second device of the year, is said to hit shelves this November.

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  • AnonD-180680

KMB877, 28 Sep 2016I believe DTEK60 it is actually the Idol 4S. Can't figure the st... moreYou must be delusional. TCL/Alcatel Idol 4S with 21MP camera and SD820 IS TCL 950.
So once again, DTEK60 is TCL 950.­ings_55_amoled_s820_and_stereo_speakers-news-207­54.php

  • KMB877

AnonD-180680, 28 Sep 2016So this DTEK60 is exactly TCL 950, not Idol 4S.I believe DTEK60 it is actually the Idol 4S. Can't figure the story with 100-1 and 100-2. Can't be a GSM/CDMA version for multiple reasons.
- 820 has the radio already made for GSM & CDMA (both VZ and Sprint),
- VZ will shut down the CDMA beginning the end of 2016, does not make any sense to start selling CDMA compatible phones middle of November...
Maybe a single SIM version for North America and dual SIM for EU?

  • John

Snap 820 may be too little too late. They need more aggressive pricing.

why are recent BB phones just rebranded alcatel? BB release your original phone

  • AnonD-180680

So this DTEK60 is exactly TCL 950, not Idol 4S.

Great looking
Great specs
Great price
A win!!!!

  • Anonymous

If it really does sell for $500USD then it's a good price for some nice hardware....BlackBerry software an added bonus.

Looks like a good alternative to those upcoming super expensive Pixel phones.

  • Eske Rahn

There are NO reason to expect the 1 and 2 should indicate dual sim.
BB has previously used this naming convention to distinguish different models.
See e.g.­roid-OS-Reload.html
Differing in bands and QC abilities.