Panasonic to unveil its first Android-driven smartphones

17 November, 2010
After stepping down from the international mobile phone market a few years ago, word is Panasonic is getting ready for a comeback. Apparently, the Japanese company is working on its first Android...

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  • Anonymous

1. too too late for Panasonic to play a game at the foreign field. All they can do is to imitate. They hardly can invent something really new that people will love like iPhone – the precious time has gone…
2. CES 2011 clearly showed Panasonic is swiftly degrading…
3. they headed to the wrong way with their networking feature because they are NOT the worldwide leaders in electronics anymore and people have many other devices of different manufactures they want to connect to. There are many world standards for networking between heterogeneous devices and there is a big mistake for Panasonic to misjudge the world situation again…
Summary: Panasonic will have to manufacture a really really stunning, useful and extremely featured cell phone (smartphone) devices at competitive prices to conquer the world. Even than, they won’t be the number one ever anyway. Their second mistake won’t be forgiven and they will die finally forever…

  • xman

:D, 20 Nov 2010You're just like your boyfriend. Both of you got a lot of words ... moremore flames. no thought. no research. no facts. no figures. just lot's of insults. you should try using the thing above your mouth. you'de be suprised how valuable it can be....

consumer eh? what region? what mobile phones have you owned?... have you ever tried a device from a different network operator, what about unlocked. how many active sim cards do you have?

  • :D

xman, 19 Nov 2010no; just calling you out for engaging in flaming tactics. You ... moreYou're just like your boyfriend. Both of you got a lot of words on such a big mouth. I'm posting comments on a consumer's point of view. And the hell I care about a product that 3/4 of world's population don't even remember or care. Just go back to your coffin with your Panasonic phone. Lol

  • xman

[deleted post]no; just calling you out for engaging in flaming tactics. You seem to be unable of posting an opinion based upon critical thought thus you just resort to flaming any alternative points of view. I imagine it's a result of you lack of worldly experience.

Really you should take a ride on a Tokyo subway at rush hour and see the huge volume of truly interesting electronic device in use that are not available here in the USA. examples­php

  • Anonymous

Hope they'll not ditch all support and spare parts manufacture just like they did with the phone on the picture.

  • android4u028

iphone4u, 19 Nov 2010Wow another people trying to copy Apple. We fans say no, and ye... moreactually the signal issues with the iphone4 were only truly evident on the first batch of handsets released since then they have coated the antennae in a thin but resiliant laquer to prevent the device from shorting out from physical contact sdo you probably have a second plus batched handset so the signal problems are null and void android on the other hand has never had signal problems or even any useability problems its major downside being its battery life which is something that is regularly dealt with in software updates and even hardware updates wtih the newer handsets using batteries that actually last longer the more you use them despite the fact that apple has moe applications (of which more are paid for 45% free compared to 70% on android)there is not much better with apple products over iphone products i personally prefer the form factor of handsets such as the desire z over the iphone form factor which is something that apple will not change hope that cleared that up for you ;)

  • nS

Sure hope they’re coming with something like GSMArena’s imagination, Japanese clamshell form factor with Android and managed to grab attention enough so that even if they failed, the other manufacturers had their eyes opened that slate and side slider is not the only form factor for smartphones even if Apple is using it.

Doubt it though

  • iphone4u

Wow another people trying to copy Apple.
We fans say no, and yes to only Apple as they do the best itunes store.

-Posted from my iphone4 held correctly to prove any signal talk is lies
when held properly without a bummer case

  • xman

:D, 18 Nov 2010It's a fact, Flip Boy. They couldn't compete with the worldwide ... moreHow mature of you. When somebody needs to revert to bashing it suggests a cetain weekeness as they are incapable of making there point with civil arguments. One must realise that Japan's domestic phone market has been both more diverse and more advanced than most other markets. Why bash those that are unwilling to jump on the current touch screen bandwagon.

I believe that the the PC markets clearly show that consumers prefer dedicated buttons. tablet sales come nowhere close to notebook's.

  • :D

rebel, 18 Nov 2010you wrote big stupidity in your first opinion here,did you?admit... moreIt's a fact, Flip Boy. They couldn't compete with the worldwide market that's why they just sell their phones in Japan because they're from that country. They can't compete internationally. I think you should be the one to admit that. Admit defeat. It's too late for them now. Sad but true. Lol

  • Ghaffari

I Always Looking For Phone With Professional Camera . There Are Not Any Top Phone With Great Camera Now . I Love Lumix . I'm Sure The Panasonic is Going To Made The Excellent Phone . Thanks

  • Anonymous

more competitor in market means increase quality decrease prices

  • ukamyu

This thing looks like the flips of 10 years ago!! Sanyo, where art thou lurking??

  • Panasonic mobile own

Dude, what are you talking about. Panasonic mobiles kick ass but they are only released on CDMA for Japan and Korea only. I just bought an unlocked Panasonic P-004A. Go look it up on Google only to find out that their hardware beats all the near identical boring mobile phone designs that all other manufacturers seem to stick to

  • rebel

:D, 18 Nov 2010Wow, you've got a lot of words on that big mouth of yours. FLIP ... moreyou wrote big stupidity in your first opinion here,did you?admit wrote that panasonic cannot make good phone while they produce better phones then your nokia...unfortunately only for japanese market

  • xotic

phones4u, 17 Nov 2010android on flip fone.......should be exciting, i like flip fonesfor heaven's sake! ... its just an image to represent a panasonic phone.. and android on a flip phone... would be a horrible idea! and obviously panasonic will have to design phones having 3.7 inches capacitive touch screens to compete with the world's market!

  • pana

I think panasonic deserves a try in the mobile market. Android is becoming a reference OS in todays world. Panasonic's rich history the the electronic world is wirth considering.I hope they produce a robust phone as all of the other products !
Another competitior will only benefit the consumers. :)

  • Anonymous

panasonic trying to make a comeback. this should be interesting. a flip phone on android....kinda a akward situation but hey who knows...

  • :D

rebel, 18 Nov 2010EU is my place but read facts!you said that panasonic is dead so... moreWow, you've got a lot of words on that big mouth of yours. FLIP BOY, don't hold your breath on Panasonic getting back to the mobile game. That's so far fetched and even impossible. But then again, goodluck to you FLIP BOY and to your oh-so-amazing Panasonic. Lol

  • pana rocks

i am sure lumix phone with android os will be great. i hope uniq design with optical zoom in a slim body. that sounds impossible but if wanna hook-up some costumers you have to make sth different.