Coolpad Note 5 launched in India for $165

30 September 2016
Available exclusively on Amazon.

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  • Anonymous

bhav, 01 Oct 2016coolpad note 5 is the best ever best phone

  • Magesh

Hi guys, let me know it is good or ..., am planning to buy this

  • VV

Is it Possible to know the release dateand Option for Booking advance

  • Jeevnathjha

When it's available in mumbai

  • kiran

When its available in Bangalore

  • AnonD-479319

Coolpad is killing it with killer specs at sub 12k

  • Virus

Motorola is the big market in India Nepal SriLanka Bhutan
And since Note 7 is exploding its sales have risen in Pakistan

  • Anonymous

When this will be available in India? I am thinking whether to wait for this or go with some other mobile currently in offer period.

  • AnonD-312515

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2016In my opinion 'Note' makes sense. It makes me think that is... moreYou can thank Samsung for that lol

  • AnonD-312515

nkwama, 30 Sep 2016So what is "NOTE"? I though Note was only used by Samsung G... moreSamsung should've patented the name, they would've had they known other greedy companies like Apple patented everything.

AnonD-591518, 30 Sep 2016When they release the next redmi notr variant in india😀 I dont think they can becoz it has a mtk soc......

  • Anonymous

It's like Q mobile Z14 which also has announced

  • hari

johnnkennedy, 30 Sep 2016Name is coolpad, but it's going to be hotpad, bcoz SD 617 i... moreyae. Name is clpd bt its gng to b hot..

  • AnonD-591915

AnonD-433182, 01 Oct 20164 is generally an inauspicous number for some Asian culture... moreWhat about Xiomi Redmi Note "4" ?

  • Ranbir

Specs are good, but it would be better if they bring with Qualcomm 650 or 652 CPU, and they can easily sell 12K to 13K, People will never mind to pay 1K to 2K more if it is with Qualcomm 650 or 652 CPU.

  • bhav

coolpad note 5 is the best ever

  • AnonD-433182

Nom Nom, 30 Sep 2016Yeah.. What happened to the note 4?..4 is generally an inauspicous number for some Asian cultures including Japan and China. So many companies skip the 4 in their product line up.

  • Indian

AnonD-496754, 30 Sep 2016Samsung dominates offline market.. Majority of ppl who pref... moreIndia Q2 Sales :- Samsung 25.1 %, Micromax 12.9%, Lenovo 7.7%, Intex 7.1, Reliance Jio 6.8............... Samsung On Top But They R Losing Market......... If U Add Chinese Companies Only Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oneplus, Gionee, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei Etc Then More Than 20% Market Share Of Chinese Companies Only........ May Be In Future Samsung Will Lose The No.1 Spot :)

  • Nom Nom

AnonD-289575, 30 Sep 2016What happened to the note 4?..Yeah.. What happened to the note 4?..

  • AnonD-496754

Indian, 30 Sep 2016Samsung should learn it........Otherwise samsung will lose ... moreSamsung dominates offline market.. Majority of ppl who prefer to see the mobile and buy prefer Samsung devices Inspite of Shitty specs nd overprice..