Qualcomm talks new dual-core Snapdragon with 5x performance

18 November, 2010
Qualcomm, the company behind Snapdragon, teased its successor - the MSM8960 has two cores, five times the performance, better graphics and a multi-mode 3G and 4G modem. They also have a couple of...

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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I have my N8 and thats not the truth mine is an awesome device being a former Iphone user i can tell you the N8 is way more interesting than the iphone iphone is cool if you dont get bored soon!! And when i connect my N8 to my plasma unless you look down and see me using the N8 as a control pad you can swear im using a PS3!!
The N8 is the best hardware ever on a cellphone just cant wait until Meego get the Nokia hardware then its over for Apple!!!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]what is the point?
N8 have better graphic score than 1,5 year older phones???
Did you see processor benchmark results for N8 ?
it's INFERIOR than 1,5 older phones...
If you wanna say "N8 is fast", please give us bencmarks for iPhone4, Wave, Galaxy S vs N8!
If you wanna REAL TRUTH for N8, check this link:

  • jake

does this mean we can expect ps3 graphics on the near future handsets?

  • Anonymous

Crysis on high settings at 60 frames per second on a mobile phone. Cool.

  • Anonymous

Here's another article on MSM8960 processor: http://bit.ly/bDp4LX

It analyses this processor and compares against other current and future processors.

  • Human

I think next time they will claim that it will be better than i7 extreme.....

  • hahaha

no way the adreno 200 is similar to ps2 or the wii......games on the htc derire wich uses the same gpu aka adreno lags in peformance...when compared to galaxy s aka power vr 540.and the hames on ps2 is too graphic intensive for the adreno ...stop lying qualcomm....and adreno gpu is inferior to the power 535 gpu of iphone 3gs.....

  • Tasso0

Hope there is no exaggeration is these claims, because then phones will truly be highly fitting as a gaming console.

  • Anonymous

But which handsets gonna get it first??!?!!

  • Alui

Super-duper!:). There's no excuse for anyone who will use it, not to have Flash 10, 1080p recording. Anyway, many people who got into 2 year contract for a phone will regret it. Not so much the users of Sgs, Desire HD, iPhone 4, but for sure the users of SE X10 and Nokia N8.

  • Lghost

Does this mean we can play CRYSIS 2 at duo core snapdragon? since they claim the performance similar to the ps3 and xbox 360...........

  • Anonymous

5x performance yet 75% less power consumption??
Wow..PC technollogy sucks.
This is the future.

  • dave

Ok on the middle picture should we not have a xbox in there also I mean that had a 700mhz pro and How is the 3Gs better than a psp for games?

  • ridhobtmn

snapdragon vs orion fight... start!

  • Killa Kam Dad

Epic Fail Killa Kam

  • Anonymous


Hope there will be battery solutions to!

Em i, the first or not?

  • Dilawer

Awesome work Qualcomm.

  • Anonymous

5 times the performance?

  • sitcoms


similar game performance on PS3 and Xbox360?!