Google Wifi aims to bring simplicity to your wireless setup

04 October 2016
The router comes with many ease of use features, including smart background connection optimization and intelligent device pass-off.

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Sounds great but my $40 Linksys does an amazing job for its price. Its not AC1200 for sure, but why would I need it in the first place? My WiFi speed is stable at 80mbps at my wife's laptop and I use wired connection on my PC. $130 doesn't sound bad but... its still $90 more than a perfectly capable device.

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    • LizH
    • 4HV
    • 04 Oct 2016

    This would be more impressive if Apple hadn't already done it. At a much higher price, but with additional features. Apple airport products all connect via wifi, but have Ethernet connections too.

      ok something not entirely on topic..have you guys heard of airstream on the playstore(its there in appstore too)? its a nifty little app that can basically turn any pc into a server-like in it wont work like your dlna sstuff and home media server..but if you have a 32gb tablet and want to stream your pc data(;ike the 4tb of movies and tv shows i got) this might help..

      now about google wifi..personally i think this is better than google home they have come up with...i dont really want to shout at my home right now..jokes aside..there arent enough connected things in my thermostat, no intelligent A/C, fridge/microwave/ unless google decides to make these themselves, google home may be obslete in a large part of the world for a feww years more at the very least

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        • Raj
        • xT8
        • 04 Oct 2016

        lots of low cost are available in the market

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          • HsK
          • 04 Oct 2016


            A $129 router!! No thanks.

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              • Aman
              • La5
              • 04 Oct 2016

              Haha, another way for google to know and track your every move, what you watch, how long, from what websites, what you buy, what you visited and the list goes on.
              They can keep this data gathering machine.

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                • AnonD-593275
                • XNS
                • 04 Oct 2016

                But your local wifi like tplink you can use app wifi kill to stop user on your wifi

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                  • Anonymous
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                  • 04 Oct 2016

                  Finally something usefull from Google.