Leaked MWC '17 invite shows no changes to Galaxy S8 launch schedule

10 October 2016
This goes against rumors of an early replacement for the ailing Galaxy Note7.

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  • Rainx

ReactorsSPP, 10 Oct 2016Samsung must create its own OS :) How nice if thats happen.Samsung has its own OS which TIZEN

  • 10ATP

I'm sure the S8 will have the features of the Note7, plus tech that was missing from that device such as UFS.

And to think, all of this could have been avoided if they decided to keep their batteries removable, instead of following this iPhone trend...

  • AnonD-491243

You may want to consider the wording of this article. Self-immolation refers to the act of deliberately setting fire to oneself. There is no way that a phone can intentionally set fire to itself as far as I am aware; therefore the correct terminology should be combusting, which is to burst in to flames.

I'm absolutely 100% of this same idea (GSMArena team) "We hope the rumors are true, though, we definitely don't want Samsung to rush the Galaxy S8 - get it right the first time". You said it all! I agree 100%

I believe Samsung Will Triple Check that this thing do not explode.
Or they will really lose everything.

  • AnonD-216319

Of course it won't explode cause if it did it would be a catastrophic thing for Samsung so I am sure it won't but this should be a motivation for them to move away from li-ion onto sulphur-ion which is much more safer and bigger in capacity compared to the same sized lithium not to mention better and longer battery life span , I hope some innovations are implemented next year cause it's really getting boring now

  • Anonymous

Who still has the courage to pre-order this time ?

  • Anonymous

onbquo, 10 Oct 2016Expectation for Note8.. the first fire proof phoneThere will probably never ever be any more "Note" from Samsung because the brand "Note" is forever = dangerous/explosion/fire!

  • AnonD-268047

Are you talking with Samsung here ?

  • AnonD-340410

is that price of s8 will be low than note 7 or not?

  • onbquo

Expectation for Note8.. the first fire proof phone

  • Anonymous

PhoneVlog, 10 Oct 2016Samsung will you please make a much better and faster phone. Wer... moreThey can't because tsmc is leading in that category. Samsung is only quantity, not quality.

  • Martin

Next fire smartphone :D

  • Anonymous

Thanks, but no thanks Samsung! I'm done with you and your big fiascos and goof ups

ReactorsSPP, 10 Oct 2016Samsung must create its own OS :) How nice if thats happen.Samsung already has Tizen Os ffs. This not gonna help. Android will always be number 1 in smartphone industry. There is no way that any other Os pops up. Because of all the apps Android has and nobody gonna go away to barebones Os which has no apps, just look what happened to windows phones - they were very very good, and comparable to android, and the biggest problem for windows are apps - it has very small amount of apps.

  • MrIDC

Samsung didnt rush thats what i think. They already planning for S8 before they release the note 7 and after they release S7, S7 Edge. Now after the issues of exploding note 7. They might work on it right now and maybe thats the only problem they have right now. They can fix and solve it right away

  • ReactorsSPP

nikla, 10 Oct 2016ois are heavily optimised for iphones, android is not for all th... moreSamsung must create its own OS :)
How nice if thats happen.

  • Anonymous

When push comes to shove then it was better that the battery issue happened to the Note than the S series. But regardless - the S8 is due in February and the I'm waiting for the J7 2017 due in March.

  • MJ

lol u just changed it to S8, previously it was S7

  • AnonD-582357

SamySnorlaxPro, 10 Oct 2016Yeah no need to rush Samsung. Just make sure that every single m... moreOh that is quite interesting... Oh and don't forget it should explode like a nuclear this time... hahahs