Xiaomi Mi Max “Prime” will go on sale in India on October 17 for RS 19,999

10 October 2016
A variant of the Xiaomi Mi Max is going on sale in India starting Sunday.

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  • Palanisamy

When it will available in on-line market?

  • available

When it will be available ,I hate

  • dr.d.u.

when Xiaomi mi max prime gold will be available online for shopping?

  • Anonymous

Not available anywhere in India. I think it's a marketing strategy.

  • sam

I am waiting for next sell...

  • Anonymous

No sales

  • lucky

Perfect phone to use at this generation... :)

  • Lingaraj

Very good mobile

  • Hhh

How to buy

  • Anonymous


  • Sabaji

First Day First Booking for awesome deal........

  • IamSimon

vinay, 16 Oct 2016how to purchase .....www.vopmart.com

  • ravi

wt is the next day

  • amar

i want it very urgently

  • vinay

how to purchase .....

  • jacob

Does it have an AMOLED screen

  • AnonD-597377

i need this mobile urgently

  • AnonD-222372

I have been asking them for 128gb version of it. Finally they decided to listen to customers like us.
In my opinion any phone coming with Hybrid sim slot should have minimum 128 GB internal memory.
I hope they have not taken out some other features as trade off.

  • AnonD-564674

MasEnha, 13 Oct 2016Compared to Mi Note series, the screen is far behind. Havin... moreWith ur logic, Xiaomi should opted to UHD or QHD display, and probably should use AMOLED screen like Redmi pro ones, except for 6.44"...

What a DUMB STATEMENT. Dou know Galaxy mega series released in 2013-2014?
Mega 5.8 have 5.8" TFT with 540x960p (qHD) screen resolution, no GorillaGlass
Mega 6.3 have 6.3"TFT with 1280x720p (HD) screen resolution, no GorillaGlass
Mega 2 have 6" TFT with 1280x720p (HD) screen resolution, no GorillaGlass

All those Mega series I mentioned above have FAR LOWER resolution, FAR LOWER screen technologies, and LOWER screen protection, but guess what? People HAPPILY throw their money to buy this JUNK albeit ALL have price ALMOST TWICE the price for Mi Max 32GB version (in my country)...
So, before saying something IMPOSSIBLE & ILLOGICAL like the ones u said, THINK it OVER.
Mi Max is a phone released by Xiaomi to fill in the blank spot left by Mi Note series before they are ready to release Mi Note 2 to public. See why they NAMED it Mi, not REDMI?

With all those specs, MASSIVE batteries, Fingerprint sensor, RARE microSD slot found in Mi series, sold at ~US$200, and u STILL expect BETTER display resolution? Go search the ENTIRE WORLD to find ur DREAM PHONE with that price & specs and u won't find one!

  • MasEnha

Compared to Mi Note series, the screen is far behind. Having huge display is quite nice, but when the picture quality is lower, I'd prefer the better one. What do you say?