You can now watch Facebook videos on the big screen through Chromecast or Apple TV

13 October 2016
This is clearly one of those "better late than never" things. Do you have a Chromecast, or another Google Cast enabled device (like an Android TV, for example), or an Apple TV? Do you use Facebook (who doesn't?) and wish there was an easy way to see those videos popping up in your News Feed on your TV?

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  • Marga
  • qQg
  • 14 Oct 2016

I,ven doing that for months

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    • AnonD-405901
    • vCX
    • 14 Oct 2016

    Lol I'm doing that on my Sony Android TV since months!

      No, I dont use facebook.

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        • drg.xlk
        • 0U3
        • 14 Oct 2016

        i used it 2 days ago to cast a live video on an philips android tv