You have to trade-in your Galaxy Note7, what should you get?

16 October 2016
A Galaxy S7 edge or a Note5 seem the obvious choice and Samsung is offering better incentives if you stick with its phones.

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  • AnonD-548804

samirmaibine, 20 Oct 2016so soon man? should i wait for that time to buy a new phone... moreYes so soon.because they messed up the note 7 so they must bring out the next note at the same time as the s8.

AnonD-548804, 16 Oct 2016Correct the next note will be available in Feb along with t... moreso soon man? should i wait for that time to buy a new phone or shoud i get the dtek60 from blackberry launched in 25 octomber?

  • AnonD-285870

MaxSmarties, 17 Oct 2016Samsung ? Really, Samsung again ? After this fiasco how cou... moreAnd vice versa to you, After so many year's got rip-off by Apple, I don't know why guys like you still want to buy iphones !!!! :)

  • AnonD-285870

MaxSmarties, 17 Oct 2016Sure ! Nothing can compare to Note 7 as far as flame and sm... moreI like to live my life dangerously, what are you gonna do about it ??? Carry iphone7 is like carry a brick, can not do anything...ahhh yawning. ...:)

  • AnonD-285870

I rather die honored with Samsung, than live a boring life with iphone7 !

  • KeepinitAnyways

Nothing else quite matchin up to the Note7 and I'm keepin my anyways since there have been no signs of overheating or malfunctions since I've gotten it....Must have bought a good one...

  • Anonymous

Heres what he thinks:

  • Anonymous

Maame Raggae, 16 Oct 2016Haha true talk broLmfao ! so true !
Da'hell is happening ?! freaks !
dont give a damn, Samsung Was, Samsung IS, Samsung ALWAYS !

  • knAx

if you want a samsung phone as a replacement id go for S7 edge as it got almost the same features minus the stylus. for other alternative brands that would come close id say iphone 7+ or LG V20 or wait for xperia XZ. they are all different from note 7 minus the stylus but they all have other features that note 7 doesnt have, so feel free to choose..

  • Cali

Sony XZ is a flagship Beast of cells!!

  • Davood

AnonD-126854, 16 Oct 2016You have to stop with the lie, that Galaxy S7Edge camera is... moredxomark man,xperia xz

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2016You don't know what you're talking about. AMOLED is worse t... moreActually it's funny because you have no idea what you're talking about. The current AMOLED screens are the best in the world right now, even better than your IPS screens. Again this isn't a couple of years ago where IPS screens were better.
Currently the Note 7 had the best camera in a phone, same sensor as the S7E but better OIS.

  • AnonD-497816

Galaxy s7 edge of course

  • Abdul aziz

Samsung showroom(UAE) is not refunding for note7... they forcing to exchange with s7. How can they force? I have already s7 and now a days its going cheaper and less valuable mobile. And what will i do with 2 s7 and even i cant sell as its now cheaper. Even how can they force to choose mobile for exchange. Bloody shit!!!
If they do like that then i will never buy any samsung mobile.

  • AnonD-322352

Why would anyone get another Samsung after this whole fiasco? Beats the hell out of me...

AnonD-285870, 17 Oct 2016you are totally correct, I don't know why people use other ... moreYou are wrong. Getting a Note 7 and bringing it to a flight could mean setting to jail ....
How could someone still defend Samsung (and name himself Notearethebest) is something beyond my comprehension....

AnonD-285870, 17 Oct 2016I don't know why these people overrated Google Pixel! Nothi... moreSure ! Nothing can compare to Note 7 as far as flame and smoke are concerned

Samsung ? Really, Samsung again ? After this fiasco how could someone buy a Samsung phone again ?

  • AnonD-598966

Agreed, but they are giving us no choice, i only hope the Note 8 or whatever comes soon and don't just kill the line. the honor8 looks real good, but it doesn't work on verizon in the US.

  • AnonD-285870

AnonD-126854, 17 Oct 2016let's see: No SD support. No Gorilla Glass 5 No HDMI d... moreI don't know why these people overrated Google Pixel! Nothing can compare to Note 7 at the present time and date !

Only Note Edge can come closer to Note 7 or even more practical, but does not have the aesthetic design like Note 7 :(