New BlackBerry DTEK60 could be released as soon as October 25

21 October 2016
A new leak shows a possible, yet likely release date for the unannounced BlackBerry device.

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  • Anonymous

Did not see the response to the question if this model is whatsapp compatible. Is it compatible with the most recent version of Whatapp please?

  • rabs

is this one going to used a whatsapp application?

  • officerMcmad

not bad at all! Nice Blackberry! with Samsungs exploding and iphones with the touch disease, this might sound like a nice option to replace my LG3

  • Anonym

James, 22 Oct 2016We desperately need better mobile phone security. As it current... moreIndeed!

Although the real challenge is: how do we educate the masses to the risks of the 21st century?

Mind you, many of these people have no real knowledge of how much the information of their "simple life" is worth to advertisers or even cybercriminals -- as such, many are tricked into believing "I've got nothing useful that would spark interest from these really large and important entities, therefore I'm safe".

In short, my view is: mass-collection of data came, we are actually deploying everywhere devices that get no updates and quickly became vulnerable to cyberattackers, people weren't prepared (in fact they don't even understand the threat) therefore the "slaughter" continues.

A major DNS company was taken down exploiting such issues (IoT devices) and people are still in the dark.

  • Anonym

Harshbuster, 23 Oct 2016Dead Brand Walking!!The Sony news is above, you've just missed the right comments section.

  • Harshbuster

Dead Brand Walking!!

  • James

We desperately need better mobile phone security. As it currently stands, we provide massive amounts of free personal information and our every movement to the likes of Google, Facebook and Apple. The risk to Governments and the public in general is not to be overstated. This childish preoccupation with games and useless apps has been a godsend for software developers, target marketers, and for the massive amount of spyware on every mobile. Not smart thinking just to play a few dumb games.

  • the ford guy

Disgruntled User , 22 Oct 2016I'm stuck to blackberry passport with no updates and I paid a lo... morethe new blackberrys now get monthly android updates (faster than any other android currently sold) they have come a long long way my friend !

  • Anonymous

Disgruntled User , 22 Oct 2016I'm stuck to blackberry passport with no updates and I paid a lo... moreHTC? Lol. You will still get no updates. My god, going to HTC for updates ... that's about like choosing not to wear a seatbelt because it might bruise you in a car accident.

Stick with BlackBerry. They have quickly become the top Android manufacturer since moving on from BB10. They are the only proven company outside of the Nexus line (now Pixel) that religiously gives you timely security updates. Not HTC, not Samsung, not OnePlus (lol).

We saw with yesterday's internet outage how important timely security updates are. All of those compromised internet appliances came from one Chinese company who never provided software updates.

DTEK 60 is the Pixel alternative. Nothing else counts in terms of security updates, unless you want an iPhone.

  • Disgruntled User

I'm stuck to blackberry passport with no updates and I paid a lot of money for that phone. No more blackberry. Htc 10 here I come

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2016Pixel killer.True,
It even receives security updates faster than nearly anyone!!!!!
But you'll have to wait for major updates cz of all those security addons in the kernel , but in return blackberry will make your phone better and not worse!!!( Bb priv was not good on lollipop, now it flies on marshmallow, amd they added Swype to the hardware keyboard!!!)

  • cyber

alcatel inside-no point for buying it

  • Noel

Nice...any info on battery size? Key to buying decision.

I like how it looks and look at it as an alternative to the XZ and Pixel.

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2016I'm stoked that Blackberry chose TCL to manufacture their phones... moreTrue. My friend's alcatel is still alive after 3 yearsof abuse. He works for construction.

  • Anonymous

Pixel killer.

  • Hg

The phone looks good. Blackberry should have given us better phones with their BBOS since a few years back. Those BBOS phones were under speced , overweight or had a very low screen to body ratio.

  • khush

I am waiting

  • Anonymous

I'm stoked that Blackberry chose TCL to manufacture their phones. I've had nothing but good luck with my Alcatel phones and I think blackberry users will be very satisfied with their Android phones. Kudos TCL/BlackBerry

  • Anonymous

Thus cell is obviously better than shame pen gimmicky product. Hehe