Xiaomi announces Mi MIX with borderless display

25 October 2016
91.3% screen-to-body ratio and Snapdragon 821 make this a truly impressive phone.

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  • AnonD-505618

[deleted post]Worth every penny in my opinion. LG V20 is going for $800, Samsung Note 7 went for nearly a $1000 & the upcoming Huawei Mate 9 top tier is speculated to be well over $1000.

And besides specific features sets, the Xiaomi Mi Mix goes pound for pound with those flagships. And that's not even mentioning the exclusive 'WOW' factor you're surely to get over nearly anything else on the market when people see you with this.

That in my opinion, is what you can bang for buck my friend.

  • LOL

And now the S8 will only have 83% screen ration on the screen, so i like it plus its much cheaper and bigger.

  • AnonD-563937

AnonD-563937, 25 Oct 2016They better send that to MKBHD lolthey did lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7plA1ALkQw well done Xiaomi

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2016Don't say "even smaller ones" like 5.5" is something small. Dude... more"Dude", at least for me it was too uncomfortable to type a message on a 5.5" OP3 while it is pretty easy on my 6" Nexus using the same SwiftKey-keyboard. 5.5" is still small to me, but of course others will disagree with this once again. :D

  • Anonymous

AnonD-444894, 26 Oct 2016They Should make it 100% not 91% The front camera can be made... morenot a bad idea actually! A la Lamborghini Diablo

  • AnonD-602615

The phone look great .
Spec are also impressive .
But camera spec are not clear .
Good try Xiaomi :)

  • AnonD-444894

They Should make it 100% not 91%

The front camera can be made pop up at demand.

  • Anonymous

regs, 26 Oct 2016Ideal. 135-136mm. So that's a phone, not a shovel. Aquos Xx is 1... moreIt has the same size as iphone 6 plus so, I don't understand why nobody complain apple about it's iphone 6 plus size but, many people think xiaomi mix size is huge! You are all blind because, it does not came with apple logo. Plus price is amazing, if samsung or apple would made it the price was definitely beyond 1000$

kenny, 26 Oct 2016Still tiny..its 5.2 The best size is Sharp AQUOS Crystal X with 5.5Ideal. 135-136mm. So that's a phone, not a shovel. Aquos Xx is 146mm tall. Way too big. It's a phablet.

  • AnonD-587428

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2016Apple or Samsung announces XXX feature on a coming phone. XXX... moreIt was 2 years in the making along side Philippe Starck.

  • kahuna

That's what I looking for, xiaomi! Thin bezels.
but why use ceramics instead metal? is that strong enough?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2016There are people with big hands and having a big screen makes us... moreDon't say "even smaller ones" like 5.5" is something small. Dude, these things are huge!

  • Anonymous

Apple or Samsung announces XXX feature on a coming phone.

XXX Chinese phone steals its patent and quickly slaps it onto one of their phones.

Fantastic phone!Bravo Xiaomi, really elegant,a piece of art, definitively must have one!

  • AnonD-602473

the question is, is it USA LTE compatible?

  • AnonD-472910

AnonD-601898, 26 Oct 2016where can i pre order this? liaow, is the only place i know now that has it in preorder but that site is mega expensive

  • Sahil

Does it have Super Amoled screen ?

  • AnonD-472910

raky, 26 Oct 2016acctually, Sharp does have rounded edges http://www.gizmochina.c... moreyou cannot say he is right you cannot use speculation and say xiaomi might be using their displays and technology and then after speculating that xiaomi may or may not be using sharp screens then say with certainty they will have patent royalties to deal with when you can prove and not speculate that this is not xiaomi technology and is of sharp then we can talk

  • Plus

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2016in the size of a 5" phone5.5-inch iphone***, imo it's not that large as I already comfortable with my 5.5-inch smartphone.

AnonD-428442, 25 Oct 2016Using this phone on 3G is like using an i7 PC on dial-up.Heh, guess I should move to China for better coverage and cooler phones ;-)