October security update starts hitting T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge

26 October 2016
While the change-log also lists some new features, T-Mobile's website says the update just includes latest security patches.

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  • Anonymous
  • sSJ
  • 03 Nov 2016

The new update for Note 4 in India has led to restarting of the phone again and again multiple times in a day..Samsung is surely on the verge of losing Note Fans..

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    • passion0893
    • 6ug
    • 31 Oct 2016

    After update mobile running Smooth and battery backup is superb. All samsung note 4 users are expecting Android 7.0 with themes and all updates.

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      • AnonD-603938
      • Ibx
      • 29 Oct 2016

      Since this update neither utorrent or MHL capability works on my phone. D-:

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        • Note4Life
        • aaa
        • 27 Oct 2016

        Just installed update on T-Mobile Note 4 and works great. Good times!

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          • asaf
          • nm9
          • 26 Oct 2016

          Have this update on my phone for 2 days already.
          Finally T Mobile fixed all the annoying freezes and bugs! this update is very very stable!
          After 2 days my note Edge works very smooth with zero problems till now.
          This is an amazing update! I recommend everyone to update! thanks!

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            • AnonD-602851
            • Ibx
            • 26 Oct 2016

            i just received update N910T3UVS2EPG2, I had several glitches when tmo rolled out android 6.0 will this security update cause any problems on a stock note 4?

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              • AnonD-442781
              • H5W
              • 26 Oct 2016

              Anonymous, 26 Oct 2016Samsung is releasing these updates to make it up for the no... moreNot really. The s5 was still getting security updates over two years later too.

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                • Anonymous
                • t7X
                • 26 Oct 2016

                Samsung is releasing these updates to make it up for the note7's mishap. Samsung usually ignores their flagship devices after a year or 2.