Google Allo 2.0 for Android is out with direct replies, split-screen multitasking support

26 October 2016
Today Google is releasing the first big update for its Allo chat app for Android. Allo 2.0 is currently in the process of rolling out through the Play Store. As always with Google app updates, it may take a few days before every single Allo user receives the new version. And depending on where you live, you may not get the new iteration if you go and hit Install right now. Fret not, though, for Allo 2.0 is headed to everyone.

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  • ThePoltergeistHunts

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2016Snowden says no matter what, don't use Allo moreWe take that as part of the Snowden (the upcoming movie).

  • JY

AnonD-226698, 27 Oct 2016The assistant is pretty neat...until you go to your privacy sett... moreSame with Siri btw

  • Anonymous

Still no desktop client

  • AnonD-226698

The assistant is pretty neat...until you go to your privacy settings in your google account and realize anything you say to it is recorded and know so it can "learn to assist you better"...

  • Anonymous

I want allo web

  • Anonymous

Snowden says no matter what, don't use Allo­on-google-allo-dont-use-it/

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2016Still no SMS integration !! Still irrelevant...

  • Anonymous

Still no SMS integration !!