Meizu M5 sees over 4 million registrations in first 24 hours

02 November 2016
As for the phone's availability, the first sale is scheduled for November 7. The handset will again be up for grabs on November 11.

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  • zimi
  • Hkt
  • 14 Nov 2016

Chinese products always come in affordable price with new innovation unlike Korean shit fire cracker Samsung that make us panic attack when explode , I am going for meizu or zte or oneplus this time waiting for the launch . love it any way zen3 is on my list too

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    • AnonD-312515
    • Y7u
    • 05 Nov 2016

    They look like iPhone 5C's, be original for once Chinese companies.

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      • Anonymous
      • 0JM
      • 02 Nov 2016

      Shaun Moroz, 02 Nov 2016At least they aren't like lying Xiaomi.They are even bigger liar than Xiaomi though.. but on the other hand, mBack and the multitasking gestures are by far the best way to operate a phone imo, too bad everything else (including the hardware reliability) were the worse I've ever seen.

      Cheers from someone who spent 8 months stuck with their piece of cr- so called flagship, the Pro 5.

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        • 9x1
        • 02 Nov 2016

        Always, china brand announcement sold out, hundred thousand in seconds, and million in an hour.

          techlover1, 02 Nov 2016What is certain is that almost all Chinese brands are doing... moreI agree, and i REALLY hope they make more efforts on the OS cz the skin looks too much like iOS (personal preference here). Other than that they rock.

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            • AnonD-597325
            • thw
            • 02 Nov 2016

            i like the design very much but SoC is ..

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              • Shaun Moroz
              • 0@9
              • 02 Nov 2016

              At least they aren't like lying Xiaomi.

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                • AnonD-127295
                • KcP
                • 02 Nov 2016

                Either a lot of people don't know the difference in processor or else just don't know anything.
                Mediatech phoned don't worth anything.

                  What is certain is that almost all Chinese brands are doing an excellent job, and by saying excellent its not an exaggeration. They are producing flagship like phones and even innovations for very value for money prices. Okay there's a lot of things to improve, mostly on the software, UI, polishing and so on. But they are absolutely on the right track.