BlackBerry DTEK60 and DTEK50 officially announced for India

08 November 2016
The Android-powered devices carry INR 46,990 (around $705) and INR 21,990 (around $330) price tags, respectively.

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  • AnonD-345191

Dtek60 is hands down the best all touch phablet on the market. No other device offers a universal inbox that integrates about more than a dozen email, call log, texting, instant messaging and social media apps into one complete with custom views and widgets that give access to their custom views. No other non BlackBerry device has an inclusive shortcut launcher that allows users to perform customizable tasks within apps after only the press of an icon, the dteks have the best virtual keyboard available with flick to type gestures, they also have the productivity tab and unrivaled security. Maybe not the best device at Taking selfies, but good enough considering it offers productivity features competitors don't.

  • AnonD-145833

AnonD-121597, 08 Nov 2016705$ 🤔😕🤑 , no thanks BB I wi... moreIt's not aimed at mass market although if your activities are limited to messaging, browsing and some phone calls it will be fine. It is aimed at companies who need a cheap Android phone with the ability to control it.

  • Anonymous

veer, 08 Nov 201615000 and 30000 INR would have been a good price.As expected BB always screws up with pricing. Another one, I don't understand who is responsible for pricing these products in India. Sure shot failure.

  • AnonD-39337

A clumsy name for such a promising device. smh

AnonD-121597, 08 Nov 2016705$ 🤔😕🤑 , no thanks BB I wi... moreNo, the OnePlus 3 is not better thank the DTEK60! Definitely not with the screen, ability to add to storage, camera, software experience and support.

  • uday

i have a bb classic which is bought in 2015 feb. Is there a buy back arrangement if i opt for dtek 50

  • veer

15000 and 30000 INR would have been a good price.

  • AnonD-383472

AnonD-121597, 08 Nov 2016705$ 🤔😕🤑 , no thanks BB I wi... moreIt's not junk, but it is a bit pricey

  • Jon


  • AnonD-121597

705$ 🤔😕🤑 , no thanks BB I will skip this . What the hell is going on with you blackberry? Are you out of your mind ? Op3 is miles better than this junk rebranded tcl (Alcatel) shit , better yet add some $$ and get a pixel or even a fruity phone !!!!😵

  • AnonD-448696

Mega Flop