New report says Samsung has decided to enlarge Galaxy S8's display to lure Galaxy Note customers

09 November 2016
The display size of the Galaxy S8 models has been increased to 5.7-inch and 6.2-inch, respectively.

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  • Dave

Anonymous, 14 Nov 20165.7" and 6.2" won't fit on current size chassis, bezel or no bez... moreThe larger screen measured in diagonal could fit the existing template if they make it more of a tall rectangle instead of the current LxW ratio.

  • AnonD-301552

S9uzxx, 09 Nov 2016No big hands need for that 6.2'' wtf dude not big deal sizeim not a dude...

  • Anonymous

5.7" and 6.2" won't fit on current size chassis, bezel or no bezel, home button or no home button. Just do the math,

  • Dave

I like the Note for the stylus. My Note 4 has been pristine, not one problem in 3 years. I will just keep buying the Note 4 when it breaks if Samsung stop producing new versions. They just tried putting too much in the Note 7 that users didn't want. All they had to do was put the new cam in it from the S7 and improve the pen pressure levels. It could've even been thicker to improve battery life and screen. It wouldn't have been a deal breaker if they couldn't have done the IP rating. I don't often shower with my phone. Note 4 in my opinion, as someone who has sold phones for 7 years is the best phone on the market and the Note 7 disaster, in no way makes my love of the brand lessen at all.

  • Anonymous

fizzy, 10 Nov 2016i dont think thats true .im guessing thay will stick with 5.1 an... moreyep agree

gats, 10 Nov 2016Maybe you shouldn't be driving and texting in the first place. ... moreAnything smaller than 6" still fits into a pocket :P
And I don't drive and text - I don't drive. Don't have a car, although I do have a license xD
For me 5.2 inches is enough for media consumption, although I don't watch movies on it. For me anything smaller than 30 inches is too small for media consumption, although I dream about 65" TV or 108" projector screen...

  • gats

Yuri84, 10 Nov 2016Its not the top and bottom bezels I'm worried about. The width o... moreMaybe you shouldn't be driving and texting in the first place.

Anything under 6" is way to small for media consumption.

  • rcl4444

I think a more reasonable explanation (assuming there's any truth to this rumour...) would be the S8 Edge is 5.7" with the Note 8 is going to 6.2".
Even bezel-less such screen sizes wouldn't fit into phones the size of the S7 and S7 Edge...

Otherwise likely to be S8 Edge and S8 Edge plus. That could be a smart move by Samsung as it would let them test buyer response to such a large screen phone with flagship specs and price, giving them some test ground to see if up-ing the screen size of the Note 8 would be well received. Keep in mind Samy will want to be differentiating the new 'Note' from the old so up-ing the screen size and going bezel-less would be on way, and then a 5.7" S8 Edge would still give those who prefer a 5.7" screen an option to fall back to.

  • AnonD-496836

rumor says that there is no more note's line they continued development with s series instead

  • Levy

AnonD-564085, 09 Nov 2016#palmrejection#palmrejectionsucks

  • Anonymous

If thats true, how big will the Galaxy Note 8 be 7" maybe? Personally i think its a stupid move and anything over 6" screen is too big to be handy. At least samsung do alot of firsts. We had the Note 6 that was invisible, then we had the Note 7 that had self destruct. Cant wait to see what unique feature the note 8 has.

  • NoLimit

Bigger size is great, but only if they make variant without curved edges. I read a lot of books, text is distorted on curved edge, book needs to be flat :-)
Also Remote Desktop experience is better on flat screen, including touch control - no finger slip off screen. With curved edge it is easy to accidentally touch it resulting in unwanted actions.
It may look cool but from practical point of view curved edge is just gimmick. It is the only reason I didn't purchase Note 7.

  • AnonD-121494

Er, yea, no, there's already a Note in the works to keep Note users.

  • e-r

Anything bigger than 6'inches is welcome we like it

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2016Pulls out your ruler. Measure your 5.1" Galaxy S7 diagonally fro... moreIts not the top and bottom bezels I'm worried about. The width of 5.1 inch S7 won't be able to survive without taking much damage if you increase screen size to 5.7 inches. The device will become larger sideways, and thats the part I don't want. The wider it gets, the harder it becomes to hold it. My LG G2 is already at the limit, and the reason I frown upon 5.5 inch devices, they're typically larger (wider) and harder to hold in my hand. Down to the point I can't use it with one hand. I want some simple actions to be doable 1H, like making a call to recent contacts and sending a SMS/Viber message.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2016Happy for you if you like it - I never liked Windows on a phone,... moreI loved Android and thought it would provide the best user experience due to the multitude of customization options, and the large number of apps in the store. But after switching to Windows, I can see that I was very, very wrong.
It's like switching from a car with an average gasoline engine to one with a powerful electric engine. Just... mindblowing!

  • fizzy

i dont think thats true .im guessing thay will stick with 5.1 and 5.5 and the note 8 still as norm 5.7

  • GamersVlog

Mongoose 4x 3.0GHz & Cortex-A73 4x 2.7GHz

  • sky

Just bring back the pen ......

Just stack an S-pen to lure the galaxy note customers, we don't just love large screens, we need an S-pen too.