Samsung outs new promo video for the Gear S3, showing how it helps you stay organized

09 November 2016
Samsung is finally getting ready to release the Gear S3 smartwatch which it announced back at IFA at the end of August. Or rather, smartwatches, since we're dealing with two models here - the Gear S3 classic and Gear S3 frontier. As we're getting closer to their official release date of November 18, the Korean company has seen fit to publish a new promo video for the duo. The production is around one and a half minutes long, and you can see it below.

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  • AnonD-618595

Does anyone know if this will work with xperia z5 premium? The s2 didn't...

  • AnonD-608797

This is such a stunning time piece considering it's a smart watch, the different faces are gorgeous looking and very functional, i cannot wait to receive mine on Nov 18th

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2016But carrying a bag just for having a gadget on is already self d... moreThe person was saying they keep it in a bag, you know, A bag they would be taking with them anyway. As for the actuak watch mine has a sim in it, and I never regret if I forget my phone nor turn back to get it, I just switch the cell radio on and its like my phone is on my wrist. Battery position is the same as any captive battery on a phone after 2 years, I aint met any one yet who changed a perfectly working battery atter 2 years I have a Samsung jet , original gs1 and s2 with perfectly wiorking batteries, supposed they must have dipped some but with little internet use in any given day you don't really see it, the watch I've had over a year, andd there is no difference.

  • Anonymous

I thought it was interesting that it only showed women wearing the watches. Every article, review, etc. I've seen about the watches was that they are too big for women, so maybe Samsung is trying to dispel that idea.

  • jjj

I never used to like smartwatches but with the call feature it makes may life easier and these days the amount of emails is just to much thus having the option to read the mail more often I can delete the ones that I do not need to attend to so that when I get the chance to respond to mails I dont have hundreds of mails to go thru

  • Anonymous

Mailman, 10 Nov 2016I don't like julewery but for sure I like gadgets. But I want sm... moreBut carrying a bag just for having a gadget on is already self defeating. The point of gadgets is to make our lives easier.

Also there are many pocketable phones, the extra size does not help (much) from one size onwards, it mostly takes away (you lose a lot of portability to gain a little of ease of use).

I mean phablets are great, don't take me wrong, but I only carrry one with me if I have somewhere to fit it. Alternatively (in all other occations) I take my phone with. A smart watch would always be a lot more awkward to use than a phone.

If I had the money for a smart watch I would buy a smartphone. It's easy to keep it synced to/with my phablet. And there you go...

  • Mailman

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2016Smart watches is a niche. It would be liked by those who like bo... moreI don't like julewery but for sure I like gadgets. But I want smartwatch because nowadays phones are getting bigger and bigger and I my jeans pocket isn't really for these size phones. So it's pretty good to keep phone in bag and still get all calls or messages not reaching the phone.
Problem what I see about these watches is price! This watch will be good for probably 2 years. After that battery will be weak, os slow and old etc. So at the end it's pretty expensive toy for couple years...

  • Anonymous

Smart watches is a niche. It would be liked by those who like both watches and gadgets which are very few.

Most people into jewelery (what a watch practically is these days) are not into gadgets and those who like gadgets are not into jewelery.

I can't fathom any other group buying those. The great thing about phones is that you "tuck them in". No such phones with watches, they are always on our writs and if you are of those who like having things permanently on you, why not buy of the millions better looking phones out there.

Granted there will be some who like/prefer this concept of ... enjeweled gadgetry but like I said they are a niche, rare. Far and between...

  • AnonD-554582

There's no LTE e SIM in many countries like the UK so the calling needs a phone or Wi-Fi. Really bad.

  • D9

Not smart enough to charge itself from any light source like Casio or Citizen watch but the watch looking good tho.

  • Anonymous

My wallet is ready.