Google's Daydream View VR headset will support Cardboard soon

10 November 2016
Before it unveiled Daydream and the Daydream View headset, Google's push into VR was called Cardboard. This consisted of a simple and cheap headset design, an actual cardboard headset made by Google, as well as an app ecosystem for Android. While the first two of those have been superseded by the release of the Daydream View (which is available today), what about the Cardboard apps? Do they run on the Daydream View?

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  • 12 Nov 2016

Daydream is nice, but there are no Just ordered BoboVR Z4 Mini from Ali. One thing is scares me. My SGS6 is hot as hell while streaming from PC. They could work it out. It just streaming video. It doesn't require CPU and GPU running at full speed.

And Pentile is way too noticeable. You need 8K to have high res picture with VR...

    People seriously believe that cardboard, or in this case Daydream goggles are only for pixel phones... Mostly because of Samsung GearVR that found out way to FORCE usage of only galaxy devices.

    Daydream headset and any cardboard goggles, like homido, Baofeng Mojing, Durovis, are nothing more than plastic headset with two lenses and holder for phone.
    You can put there even Nokia 3310 if you want... its all about apps and games that you will use.

    Lack of compatibility applies to ONLY controller of Daydream. You can still connect any BT gamepad, even PS3/4 or xbox one and use ANY cardboard app and game with Daydream headset, because you connecting it to phone, not goggles.

    Problem with lack of compatybility is on google side, because they didnt provide proper way to test/implement that controller, because that app that simulate DD controller is a joke and doesnt work precisely as it should.

    I was big fan of idea of Daydream and making mobile VR viral, I even made game for it:

    But now game wait for major rebuild of look AND that damn Daydream implementation.

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      • 10 Nov 2016

      It's not that the headset doesn't support Cardboard (for the love of everything holy, go back to journalism school).

      ANY headset will work with Cardboard applications. It's a headset-agnostic platform. The Daydream controller-support is a completely different issue, and one that's easily circumvented by a 3rd-party bluetooth controller or mouse (forget the fact that many Cardboard apps allow you to use head movement to control things onscreen, not to mention the tap-and-insert method).