Meizu M5 Note with Helio P10 chipset and 13MP camera spotted in benchmarks

14 November 2016
The phone has appeared on both Geekbench and AnTuTu, and is also said to have passed what's known as China Compulsory Certification (3C).

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  • Die in India Soon
  • KAD
  • 15 Nov 2016

If this continues, they will DIE IN INDIA VERY SOON. India Loves Snapdragon. Atleast they should have brought SD 430 chip in this.

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    • mike
    • nxF
    • 14 Nov 2016

    Why oh why is Meizu introducing new models with shitty cpu's? Again P10 wtf? I see no progress, Exynos cpu's were a step in the right direction, but were reserved only for high end models. I bet M10 note will still be "rocking" P10 chipset:)))) if they live logn enough to produce it:)

      LoG, 14 Nov 2016Dont care. No official distribution in the US and Europe."No spreading to europe" you're kidding? there's an agressive commercials literally screaming "BUY MEIZU! BUY HUAWEI!" Where I live. -_- and you claim there's not coming to europe. (I am from the area of macedonia or so)

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        • AnonD-610032
        • Fej
        • 14 Nov 2016

        Well Meizu phone is popular in China especially among young people because Meizu used to make MP3 players and MP4 players before making phones. I'm in China so I know all these, that's also why today Meizu phones have excellent multi-media functions, my sky pe damin.liu if you guys want to buy a Meizu phone but have nowhere to buy, I'd like to help you buy it from China here

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          • AnonD-40493
          • ntk
          • 14 Nov 2016

          looks nice for a low-budget device, I hope it comes with a capable camera too.

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            • LoG
            • L6f
            • 14 Nov 2016

            Dont care. No official distribution in the US and Europe.

              I wish there was a meizu phone with qualcomm SoC. -_-

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                • Bruce
                • 7ki
                • 14 Nov 2016

                Don't know why they are continuing to use that incapable chipset..!

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                  • AnonD-306826
                  • gN$
                  • 14 Nov 2016

                  Meizeu producing shit since pro 6 and now m5 with p10