HTC Bolt to launch as 10 evo, another leakster confirms

14 November 2016
The HTC 10 evo will target the EMEA region.

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  • AnonD-249626

er....... it is HTC 10 lite ? why they call it evo ?

  • Ivan


  • AnonD-40493

How so using an older,less powerful and more problematic chipset is an "EVO"lution, dear HTC ?

  • Anonymous

i wait for 10 PRO

  • AnonD-312515

Bolt is a joke, and I'm not just talking about the phone.


That Would Be Useful If They Will Going To Throw That Away To The People In Needs

  • AnonD-196068

Launch!? They will be lucky if they can give it away!

  • RobA82

More like 10 Devo!

  • AnonD-431898

Yet another 5.5" = fail. No headphone jack = Super Stupid Fail.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2016Overprised, overheating phone with no 3.5mm jack and no stereo s... moreHTC has gone mad. I wonder their engineers are having s** or high while working.

  • AnonD-514012

NO 3.5= No Buy

  • Anonymous

Overprised, overheating phone with no 3.5mm jack and no stereo speakers (Stereo speakers are not obligatory, but for HTC they were the only strong poing, along with headphone audio quality. They got rid of both. totally insane). Wouldn't use it even if they paid me the price it costs.