Galaxy S8 might have a pressure-sensitive display

14 November 2016
That's what the latest rumor out of Korea is saying.

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  • apai

plz make s8 with removable battery coz i think it is better for the product & battery care management.

  • ascpt

plz make s8 with removable battery it is better fo the product

  • s3ok

samsung is better than other... please make s8 edge with mini screen under 5"... i still choose s6 edge than s7 edge because s7 too large in my hand

  • Anonymous

Please just make the phone not explode anymore. Samsung should make the anti-explode phone right now.

  • Jarret

Can't wait S8... Samsung is better

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2016a curved sensitive screen goodluck with s8 im careless so i... morewhat? that doesn't even make sense about the article. the article clearly shows pressure sensitive screen -.- what's the connection? do you even read?

  • random access ONE

Fizzl3, 15 Nov 2016It's 2016..i dont wanna have a removable battery. Y the ***... moreyou are 100% correct... and well said

  • P

Samsung should stick to the same phone and just change small things like IR blaster and maybe add a 4k battery...a bigger screen to body ratio would be fantastic...other thatn that, they shouldn't change a successful concept...

  • Luigi 1210

Alien, 15 Nov 2016What's the point of it? I mean you can just pres 1 sec on a... morei never use pressure sensitive on my iPhone 6s+ it's a good option to have but it's useless in everyday work

  • Alien

What's the point of it? I mean you can just pres 1 sec on an icon and you can have the same result, without the need of adding anything "hardware" to it. It's all about Java coding.
Also, I NEVER use haptic feedback as it only drains the battery.
Sorry to say this, but it's kinda useless and it only makes the device even more expensive.
Maybe it could have some impact on things like medical hardware and such, but for the regular smartphone user it's just another gimmick..
They should concern more on software development and they SHOULD go have a look and cat with the developers on XDA. That's where the best coders are and they could learn a LOT from them. How do you think OnePlus got to be so known? CyanogenMod anyone? :)

  • AnTss

Another gimmick for samsung, pls focus on ur consumer complainfor all curved screen devices. S7 edge is screen problem for just 2 months is dead. I think they are not using gorila glass 4 coz its easilyget broken.

  • unknown

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2016a curved sensitive screen goodluck with s8 im careless so i... moreSo then???? Its your own problem if you are careless.

  • Calvinite

I don't get why we complain about design changes and all these new features. We turn to forget technology advances happen all the time and we move with it. If you follow the trend and don't want to be left behind stop complaining and stick to older phones with old design and tech. Many want the current innovation out there and for a huge company to stick with past advances is suicide

The more technology, specs, features and everything else the better. Basically, it's a 100% must for Samsung to put absolutely everything they can in the S8, definitely nothing less. And so I'm just waiting to hear much much more from Samsung.

  • Fizzl3

It's 2016..i dont wanna have a removable battery. Y the **** do people still ask for this?

Carrying batteries with you..ffs watever.

All these things that people calling gimmicks are the tech improvements happening but nope..i want a removable about stepping into 2016?

  • PHONES...

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2016a curved sensitive screen goodluck with s8 im careless so i... moreClearly never watched a durability test on an s7 edge...

  • Anonymous

a curved sensitive screen goodluck with s8 im careless so i wont buy a fragile phone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-610219, 15 Nov 2016Ha ha ha ha ... R.I.P ... SamsUng.. whenever i saw samsu... moreIs that so funny? Just because one mistakes doesnt mean all of samsung phones are bad.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-607331, 14 Nov 2016Its hard to design a phone to be premium, and have removabl... moreThe problem is that the brainwashing marketing deceived people to priorize thinness and glass/metal body over removable battery. In other words, people have no common sense.

The thinness and fashion design concept are the most useless and wasteful things when designing a phone.

The reason why G5 is a big fail is that LG changed the design of their flagship phones to much worse. G5 has ugly back that looks like a face, non-removable back, fragile camera glass (same as V20, LG used a big single piece of glass instead of individual small glass pieces for each camera, that's why it's fragile), useless modules, they removed many features (app drawer, multi-window/splitscreen view, qslide, manual video controls ...) etc. And V20 has the same ugly design with fragile camera glass as G5, except that it has removable back.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2016Removable Battery makes the phone look cheap.No, that does not make the phone look cheap.

The non-removable battery makes the phone to be a temporary, limited, throwaway garbage.