Mozilla releases Firefox Focus for iOS

18 November 2016
Imagine if your browser always operated in incognito mode, and also blocked all ads and web trackers on the internet. That's pretty much Firefox Focus, Mozilla's latest browser for iOS.

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  • AnonD-312515
  • Y7u
  • 19 Nov 2016

iPhone users must watch a lot of porn.

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    • AnonD-225090
    • rKV
    • 18 Nov 2016

    Was already available on iOS as a very effective ad blocker. Latest update just added the browser functionality. Pretty satisfied with the performance so far. A little bit hard on battery though..

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      • Eske Rahn
      • 3I{
      • 18 Nov 2016

      Firefox Focus for Safari is not new, I used that a year ago or so, worked fine.
      So this not a NEW product but an EXTENDED product....