Android Nougat update now rolling out for Motorola Z and Z Force on Verizon

18 November 2016
The Moto Z and Z Force on Verizon get the Android Nougat OTA update.

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  • teacher4

My Moto droid z updated today with the nougat update. Since then, my apps, such as messenger, facebook, gmail etc. do not have a space bar in the keypad. Any suggestions on what to do to restore this? I have restarted my phone a few times.

  • AnonD-641971

sir i have moto z force but no oficially notice for update...plz tell me how install nougat on my device

  • zain

sir my moto z force not upgrade on nougat ..plz tell me how install nougat on my device

  • AnonD-312515

Kr_says(India), 20 Nov 2016I was a moto g4 plus user and I was waiting for the update for a... moreWhat was the point of the post then?

  • AnonD-312515

Anonymous, 20 Nov 2016I get almost 6hrs of screen on time and my camera takes great pi... moreWith a 2600 mAh battery and 53h endurance rating, I don't think so lol

  • AnonD-312515

"One of the upsides of having minimally modified software is the ability to release them before other OEMs," umm why don't more OEMs do this?

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2016No update yet for my moto z force. 😑me neither

pratiush, 19 Nov 2016Lv20 came preloaded with Nougat. Lg g5 is getting it and some mo... moreREAD... updated... not preload bro, so many phones is already with preload nougat

  • Kr_says(India)

I was a moto g4 plus user and I was waiting for the update for almost 3 months.and they have said that g4 plus is the 1st non Nexus device to get nougat but in india i have not seen the update till now.

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2016Incase u don't know moto are always quick with the updates as th... moreYes really!! Didn't I know or you forgot to read properly what I mentioned?

  • AnonD-507785

Waiting for Z Play to get an update. It is surprisingly good phones, much better than I was hoping for. Lenovo is on to something. Well done.

  • AnonD-168411

Too bad, no update for me here too

  • Moto G4Plus

When will my Moto G4 plus get Nougat?

  • Anonymous

ProJames, 19 Nov 2016Well you can tell their marketers that they are not doing their ... moreI get almost 6hrs of screen on time and my camera takes great pics on my moto z droid I removed all the bloat though. Plus I couldn't get past the plastic screen of the force.

  • stolzyboy

No update showing up for me. (November 19th 5:30 Central)

  • AnonD-577649

This probably means the Z Play will get it soon. I can wait. The phone performs like a dream on Marshmallow

  • AnonD-611833

Moto Z unlocked -bought from Motorola- No Update 11/19/16

  • Anonymous

When wil moto x paly get Android 7.0 update

  • Ali

No update for moto z play

  • Sk

When will get moto g4 plus update of Android n