Motorola Moto G4 and G4 Plus receive price cuts in US

26 November 2016
Both Motorola and Amazon are selling the devices at discounted rates.

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  • Anonymous

I have a Moto an will never buy anything but Moto again.Not only is the phone the best ever but the customer service is fantastic.Love you Moto

  • AnonD-312515

My broke friend is looking for a new phone, I think I'll ask him to get the G4 Plus.

  • AnonD-289575

mudkip, 26 Nov 2016it is so hot ?Only while charging because of higher voltage of turbocharger

  • Marty

Lost my Nexus 6.The new Nexus phones (Pixel) are very expensive unfortunately.Picked up the Moto G4 plus and have to say, very pleased so far! Great value for money.

  • mudkip

AnonD-289575, 26 Nov 2016Using for past 5 moths awesome phone it is so hot ?

  • AnonD-289575

Using for past 5 moths awesome phone