Samsung Pay feature on Gear S3 currently not available to Google Pixel users

28 November 2016
There's currently no information on exactly why the new Android devices aren't in the supported devices list.

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Ok, but when Samsung Pay or even Android Pay will come in Canada?

Samsung are just salty because their latest flagship got discontinued and the pixel XL is taking some of its share away.

  • Anonymous

Kd10, 28 Nov 2016Looks like Google doesn't want Samsung pay with NFC & M... moreQuite the opposite, actually. Samsung doesn't want people buying phones from Google.

  • AnonD-5666

Bad luck for all 340 Pixel users!

Looks like Google doesn't want Samsung pay with NFC & MST support overshadowing Android pay with only NFC.

  • AnonD-39937

They can't support an important feature on all the phones and this SmartWatch is considered brilliant and everyone wants to buy it? Samsung...