Morgan Stanley says the Google Pixel will pull $3.8 billion in revenue in 2017

28 November 2016
Financial services company Morgan Stanley says the company should be pulling in a good wad of cash with the Pixel phones.

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  • Anonymous

As long as it works is good. Android OEMs are taking too much risk by not properly patching their phones. It doesn't matter how, google should make sure consumers always have the latest patch on their phones, and they're succeeding through the Pixel.

The technical users can always use Nexus (still good until late 2018) or go custom ROM. I just hope google has a pixel midranger by 2018.

  • Frenna

Here in The Netherlands you can buy a Pixel for 850 euro. The S7 is 560 euro, HTC 10 is 620 euro, Xperia XZ is 690 euro. Even the iPhone 7 is cheaper at 750 euro. Why would I buy Pixel over all these other phones for that price? For Google Assistant? For the beautiful bottom chin that has no function at all like front speaker or navigation buttons? It's not even water resistant. It's not a bad phone, it has a great screen and camera but it should be priced at around 600 euro. Also Snapdragon 821 is not a massive improvement compared to Snap 820 or Exynos 8890. I'll wait for the flagship phones of 2017.

AnonD-152638, 29 Nov 2016What apple has done, should be impossible, so there is no p... moreI enjoyed your read and your passion. Made some very positive suggestions. Pixel has major potential and Google is highly innovative. It is such a handsome device that shines in store. Friend is using it for office live talks and the resolution is better than boardroom media.

  • Anonymous

Not even available worldwide and basically not all people know about it
Let google sink

AnonD-152638, 29 Nov 2016What apple has done, should be impossible, so there is no p... moreEverything mentioned has been tried by various OEM and was all failures! The only option left is to fool people like Apple by pricing it impossible and create hype....Google can do that as well! They have nothing to lose as such

  • .alpha

Consider Pixel is a OnePlus 3T starting at $770 I am not surprised.

  • AnonD-39937

AnonD-513998, 29 Nov 2016If what you're saying is true then the average costumer tru... moreWait, you had hope in humanity? :o

  • AnonD-513998

AnonD-603817, 29 Nov 2016As far as pricing is concerned, I see it two ways. In order... moreIf what you're saying is true then the average costumer truly is a subhuman. Then I've lost hope in humanity.

  • AnonD-603817

As far as pricing is concerned, I see it two ways. In order for Google to compete directly against Apple they gotta match their pricing. If Google were to price the Pixel $200 less, the average customer would just assume they're getting $200 less of a phone. Not true, but still. On the other hand, I am a proud owner of a Nexus 5x, and I sell Pixel's for Verizon all day long. The price hike, in my opinion, is not justified. Obviously the Pixel is an upgrade to the Nexus 5x, but it is not so much better that I'd pay $400 more for a Pixel. Either way I love what Google has done so far and hope they continue to see success

  • AnonD-152638

What apple has done, should be impossible, so there is no point in trying to play their game.
A product with that pricetag, and such high margins, should not be able to sell as well as the iPhone does.

The only way to try to take on Apple, is by selling devices that compete in terms of feel, design, and either beats it in terms of specs, and is priced slightly lower, or has the same kind of specs, but for a much lower price.
Google needs to undermine the Apple brand, by showing customers how overpriced those devices are.
By going by the same strategy, Google would do the opposite, they would make customers feel like the Apple pricing actually is fair. And thus legitimise it.

Another thing apple has going for them, is all the accessories.

I think google, should talk with other makers, and set a outer dimensions standard, for a line of devices, with specifications for where logos should sit, and where the camera and buttons should be placed, and so so. There should be more than one spec at the time, to allow for slightly different display sizes, but probably a maximum of 3 or 4.
That way, it would be possible within the android camp, to have enough devices under that umbrella that are compatible with the same acessories, to compete with Apple in terms of units sold (no single android model gets anywhere near in terms of sales compared to a single iPhone model).

Google should then also open a store, selling accessories, and do something like the moto-maker, where customers could order their own cases, with choice of materials, color, prints and so on.

They should perhaps also take another idea from motorola, in putting some connectors on the back, allowing for accessories like batterypack, projectors, speakers and so on (I would hope for a sliding keyboard as one).
With the number of sold compatible devices getting upwards to a hundred million, such a concept could actually be valid (with the sells of Moto devices, it won't, just like with the LG G5 friends concept).

Of course, most likely some makers would still make flagships that has other meassurements (sometimes due to the things that set them apart, like "edge" displays, or bezel less designs).
But I could see even Samsung making some of their devices within such a specification.

And there would be lot of possibilities for each maker to stand out.
Not only would they be completetly free, to select components, so displays will vary, in terms of quality, resolution, and technology, processing will vary, cameras will vary, and so on.
But there is also the actual design, where different materials, colours, textures could be used by different makers.
With a good case shop, there would probably be those makers that would focus less on the design, and more on the internals, as the user is likely to put it inside a case anyhow.
There would also be budget devices, made as cheaply as possible. Don't be supriced if some people would spend more on a case than on the device itself. (also great for people that want a phone to take with them on a night out, just pop it inside the nice case used for the everyday phone, to ensure the looks, that way those that go for the Google signed alternative over the iPhone, won't have to live with cracked displays on their main device)

All in all, it would be bit of the Modular phone idea. With some accesories, at least beeing semi-modular. And with a huge selection of devices (from different makers).
There is a good chance the user will be able to get a phone close to what they dream of.

It's also good, because it would take a lot of pressure of Google, to be able to make the best device to compete with Apple. If, like this time, they missed the water-resistance and dual camera, there is probably another maker, that makes such a device. That way there is probably always at least one phone in the android camp to fully take on the iPhone, that has acess to as much acessories as the iPhone does (more even, if google go for the connectors on the back).

It would also allow for google to either go back to a strategy more like the Nexus line, or for Google to have two line of devices.
And the potential for acessories, would allow open the market quite a bit for a Nexus type device. (and freeing the Nexus line from having to compete in terms of design, would allow for even more competitive pricing)

Google should update the specs, when needed (but we should be able to expect the specs to hold up, at least for a couple of years, before technology allows for thinner design, or less bezels).

Google needs to come up with a good tag, that makers can add to their model names to make it clear that it's a device that is compatible.

I think such a programme from Google would be their best weapon against Apple.

And I think it has potential to vitalize the market. Any "innovations" withing the mobile industry today comes as a premium price, and it takes too long to ramp up production so it would have to be a niche device at first.
Giving people the option to party customize their devices, can awaken peoples lust for getting new devices. And if devices ever stagnate again, at least accessories would still be hotter than ever (and with a google owned accessory store, google would be making more money out of android than they do today).

Everyone is eating into Samsung Note 7...Really sorry for Samsung! I would havae definitely went ahead with their Note 7 instead of Pixel XL.

  • AnonD-39937

Benny, 29 Nov 2016It's a very expensive phone this mobile is a jokeIt is a joke for you, for many is a good phone, so you better stick with what you like and ignore the rest.

  • AnonD-39937

Big_Apple_Lover, 29 Nov 2016Keep the same price as iPhone, extend full official softwar... moreWtf man? 5-6 years? You would want the Samsung Galaxy S or the Samsung Galaxy S2 to get Android 7.1 update? It's better to stick with 2-3 years of OS update, because in time new versions require more powerful and new hardware.

  • AnonD-39937

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2016Mostly due to the sky high profits they get from each devic... moreShould I remind you that the Pixel is already 1 year ahead of OS version(7.1 vs 6.0)? With that in mind Pixel has 3 years of the newest OS version and fastest updates, I think is more than enough for a phone that will get old and slow in comparison with the new phones.

  • AnonD-39937

Google Pixel is a great consumer phone, with flawless performance, best point-and-shoot camera, great battery life and solid specs, it deserves it's price in the Android territory, ok it doesn't have the chipset of the iPhone 7, but as long as is no visible difference, I will say that Pixel overall is as good as 7. I hope Pixel 2016 will have stereo speakers and IP68 certificate.

Well deserved Pixel. It really is beautiful. Mate has one and it's really great on performance. So I went past a carrier on Friday and had to go in for a touch feel. Very handsome device and it will keep getting better.

  • Benny

It's a very expensive phone this mobile is a joke

  • TC for Life

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2016Mostly due to the sky high profits they get from each devic... moreGoogle said they will update the Pixels: 3 years of OS updates and 2 years for security updates. What are you talking about? // You people complain about everything, if don't like Google's Pixel, buy another phone. Simple as that, stop complaining like a little kid. JEEZ! -_-

  • Big_Apple_Lover

Keep the same price as iPhone, extend full official software support (every version of the OS as soon as it is released on the newest Pixel) for at least 4 years, preferably 5 or 6. There is no reason whatsoever today why people should be forced to upgrade their phone sooner, except to keep money in an industry that's beginning to serve more and more fanboys. Let's innovate elsewhere.

  • AnonD-312515

"Morgan Stanley believes Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are expected to sell around 5-6 million Pixel smartphones in 2017, which calculates to about $3.8 billion in revenue. Similarly, Morgan Stanley projects that the Pixel will sell 3 million units in the final three months of 2016, racking up about $2 billion of revenue," I knew that it'd be successful and that they'd start selling a lot more around the holiday season; can't say I told you so, but I told you so lol