Samsung will reveal why the Note7 went up in flames by the end of the year

29 November 2016
According to a report out of the company's home country of South Korea, the investigation will be finalized in 2016.

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Any update on this? Am I missing something?

  • Anonymous

Umair, 05 Dec 2016So they get into rootsNOTE

  • Umair

So they get into roots

  • King Jay Kay

Well it's seems funny enough to me people come here and start talking like a pro
Samsung had developed trends man your iPhone plus is the result of constant pressure over them due to note series and S pen is still to be answered yet by all OEMs
I had owned many cells and I love to pay with them and frankly speaking from past two or three years mobiles had became well advanced and if you buy a flagship of any OEM atleast it will deliver the job
I am using IPhone 7 plus and mate 9 side by side and both are doing awesome some times I feel like I should carry iPhone as daily driver and some times vice versa.

Note 7 was the best Samsung ever designed and made and released it was an unfortunate event for calling in back and ceasing the production for Samsung and for users who use notes. Personally I always loved note series and had used note 3 4 5 but the best among them was NOTE 4 due to its freedom of alterations.

Yes being a fan of tech I need the reason behind and for all you tech pros

Either you like it or not Samsung will stil rock will S8 they don't need your 100 or 200 bad comments they sell in millions man come on all these are just gadgets to make our life easy they aren't our life NOTE 7 died so what, it was just another note.

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2016Was no better phone than a note 7 not an opinion, unique i... moreReally hard to read what you wrote but i think i understand some of it. No, note 7 is not the best phone even if you remove the explosion part. You got to understand that giving a best phone title to any smartphone is a subjective matter. There will always be something negatives about a phone that makes it not a best phone for some people. let's see, I like my os updates fast, samsung is the worst of all major brands. I hate dual edges as i like flat screen that doesn't have distorted images on the edges. Some other people prefer ios over android. Some other people prefer vanilla android over heavily skinned android. I don't have the need for S-pen (ignore it, right? with all the s-pen features constantly running in the background, it does use more ram/cpu resources, and we know that ram management is an issue for samsung smartphones). At its release, the note 7 had first half 2016 specs, while some competitors have better cpu and gpu.

  • AnonD-284531

David, 01 Dec 2016we can't trust on Samsung. Samsung quality and services are... moreYou buy the low budget gadgets, what do you expect.

  • james

they recall it to avoid further losses, note 8 will be the same as note 7, samsung will going to use this recalled phones for new units.

  • Bakzh0

AnonD-242782, 30 Nov 2016So are they gonna re-release the Note7 or something? The fe... moreWell, I don't think they will re release it as they already said before. If they really want to re release it, I hope it will be note 6 and the curse will be gone. Just kidding though:)

  • AnonD-130610

Jarret, 01 Dec 2016Might be Apple was the culprit to make Samsung go downNo, wasn't Apple fault of the fail of Samsung. Because if the things had gone well, Samsung would have sucess with the Galaxy Note 7. If wasn't the batteries problem, Samsung would have had sucess. And Apple wouldn't have any influence in the sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-59657, 30 Nov 2016Why it takes so long for Samsung to explain the explosion i... morewhy dont you go try and investigate yourself ? lets see how long it takes you ! a decade ?! Pffff

  • Jarret

Might be Apple was the culprit to make Samsung go down

  • David

we can't trust on Samsung. Samsung quality and services are very bad now. still the Samasung did not update the software of Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 and it is still running KitKat 4.4.4. so how we can trust on Samsung with such a poor services and quality?

  • AnonD-551566

AnonD-614674, 30 Nov 2016Well, I could prolong your comment with even more speculati... moreactually i stated before (in older posts) that it's somehow fishy that they haven't made an official statement yet... having said that, any person will believe anything they want so even when some are already disaproving any samsung statement over the Note 7 (regardless if it might be true or not) i still think that they will make a serious statement in order to mantain trust for the S8 and the latter devices... that's why finished my post with "i say let's wait till samsung says what went wrong and see if it's really plausible to believe it" i'm not agreeing with them before they say anything ^_^

  • Anonymous

Mkdc, 30 Nov 2016Lol, your post seems legit. Even though there are literally... moreWas no better phone than a note 7 not an opinion, unique in its composite attributes style , quality and features , just a lit of money I guess, but, apart from that, no real competitor, if you bought another phone, it would be cos, you, another phone..not because it was better, check it out, and as for anyone being pacified by owning an "i" thingy, well...ha ha hardly eh. Thing is nowadays, no new flagship is really bad,..and then..there is the best, that phone was the best, now,..who dunnit ?

  • AnonD-59657

Why it takes so long for Samsung to explain the explosion in Note7?

  • Anonymous

Myksy, 30 Nov 2016Its samsungs fault why i downgraded to iphone se or ios. (B... moreyou're just noob. don't know the functionality of the phone. I suggest, you go buy "common sense" instead of a phone.

  • Nech

It's the GraceUI skin.

The changes in the chemistry, topography and relationship in how it interacts with Samsung Equipment wasn't tweaked well.
So they need to look at the Software Encoding's Command Line Hardware Interface (SECLHI).
Then they can put the blame, not on the battery, but on something else)

  • AnonD-614674

[deleted post]1- What kind of pone? Do you mean the best and most beautiful device on the Planet?
2- Not only Samsung , but any lab in US and in the World couldn't find anything wrong with Note7 yet.(does it raise some questions in your head?)
3- Do you really think that Samsung wanna kill the poorer ppl? LOL
4- Name one other brand smartphone that have more 'top notch':
Better display
Better camera
More beautiful
S-Pen input with such unique features
Better one-hand mode
Better than Samsung Pay service.
Better functionalities
Better connectivity
And so on.....

  • AnonD-242782

So are they gonna re-release the Note7 or something? The features about it are undoubtedly amazing and the people who keep up with real tech news would know not to be all stupid about being afraid of it exploding if Samsung knows the real reason and fixing it. Maybe rename it? Galaxy Note VII or something lol I'm not sure, I would definitely buy it though. The people just completely abandoning Samsung for Apple is just outrageous... This whole spiel is so dumb and getting annoying so I hope it is over soon.

  • AnonD-614674

AnonD-551566, 30 Nov 2016well if the other labs didn't find the problem and samsung ... moreWell, I could prolong your comment with even more speculation.

But the most disturbing is that you can not feel anything smelling it this ''exploding'' case. Even after all the bizarre facts and statements before and after this ban.