LG Optimus Black announced, has the "brightest, clearest" display

05 January, 2011
Today LG unveiled its next flagship - the Android 2.2 Froyo-powered Optimus Black. It utilizes the LG's latest innovation - the 4-inch NOVA display - which is supposed to be the world's brightest screen...

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  • gg

talksik559, 17 Jan 2011your absolutely right. why does every icrap lover think apple is... morethus "innovation". they never claimed they invented it. They just innovated. They did really change the game for mobile computing.

  • talksik559

oliboy, 06 Jan 2011comparing every new smartphone's physical build to iphone is lik... moreyour absolutely right. why does every icrap lover think apple is so innovative. when us knowlegeable peopl can see that other companies have been doing this stuff for a long time. apple just put their twist on existing designs and called it theirs!

  • jammy

This is really great phone from LG and its going to give tough fight to its competitors,but full specs of this phone is stll unknown. We still dont knw about its RAM,onboard memory, radio, primary camera, processor etc..... I think RAM on this thng will be 512 mb and if lg wants to make it more desireable than atrix thn it cud be 1 gb; onboard memory like lg optimus 2x can be 8gb/16gb which cud be expanded through card slot, processor most probably will be dual core nvidea tegra 2 processor which clocks 1.2ghz( or are we going to se quad core processor to debut on this mobile ???); now we come to most interesting part 'primary camera' i thnk it wll be 8 megapixel in all probability, but if lg wants to surprise mobile lovers then it cud even come up with 12mp or more to give fight to N8, and we can't discard this assumption as device which is packing 2Mp front camera can have 12mp at back, but v have to wait till lg finally announces this phone along with its full specs........
one more thing this phone in all probability shud come out with 'Android 3.0 Honeycomb', as this phone is scheduled to release in Q2, and by that time Honeycomb would hav arrived in the market......but let us nw wait and see what happens........ :-)

  • Raquib

Good work LG. Keep going. I am with you. I think moreover Android apps, you should start your own store for apps like ovi store or samsung apps store. Hope to see that LG phones have the shares closer to Samsung this year...:)

  • Dion

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2011All androids look the same!That's cause you don't own one. :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2011All androids look the same!So does Every Symbian OS and Apple OS. whats your point?

  • Anonymous

All androids look the same!

  • Szogyenyi Zoltan

Just because it may look like an iPhone, it doesen't make it worse. In my opinion, it is better. I don't like iOS.

  • Anonymous

Very nice!
4-inch NOVA display
9.2 mm

  • Paul

Does this phone have a LED notification light, & that is the difference between this & the LG Optimus x2??

  • K

How original design :( Standard features, though WiFi direct seems nice.
iPhone success and touch screens totally killed design innovations and color usage on phones (well one company has still colorful phones)

  • Korea

fianally comming back Black Label with modern design...
looks goood~!!!

  • j

waiting eagerly to check on the wonder.

  • adam

[deleted post]This is true i will re-pharase, android is better than any other mobile operating system out there at the moment and supplies the most regular updates

  • vahid

very nice...very goooooood

  • deep space bar

the real
black optimus XD


  • deep space bar

[deleted post]that's what everyone thinks cause they think android will be victorious when it's just eating itself to stay alive

  • deep space bar

adam, 06 Jan 2011look at the spec diffence between this phone and the n8 there is... morelol android doesn't kill symbian
android kills itself
look at all the versions
it's like a giant family fighting a never ending fight

  • adam

deep space bar, 06 Jan 2011lol i'm a nokia owner bro i own the N8 XD iphon4 honestly is... morelook at the spec diffence between this phone and the n8 there is no comparison and also android kills symbian. enjoy your unique casing though

  • deep space bar

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2011N8 album cover flow on music player is a rip off of ipod touchlol apple took coverflow from nokia apple just modified the layout to go left and right

nokia had different shapes

V shape
and other shapes

all in the Nseries phones N70 was the first one that i've seen cover flow in and that was almost 7 years ago XD