Reliance Jio extends free 4G data till March 2017

01 December 2016
As part of the new Jio Happy New Year offer, all existing as well as new customers will get free data and Jio services till March 2017.

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  • Anonymous

Jio is very slow network in some places

  • ajay kumar amitpal

nice network and free calling all jio life

  • do dkfyjxtkvlkdb gu.

That subject is very very god.but time low. So reliance companies .........bad bad.

  • m.d.k

what is u r new offer in 2017. jio for daily user 1gb but 1gb is download speed in 128kbs the reminder 3gb is not get more than faster.

  • niyin

AnonD-410293, 02 Dec 2016i love it. Just one question in my mind. I got an apple ip... moreapple offer where 1 year of free services will be provided jio from sim insert in handset switch on mobile form date act sim

  • Rajesh kumar

It's really good go ahead please

  • AnonD-616064

Look like there is hardly any door for any Jio customers to leave especially the youths across India even after the expiry of offer. This assumption is based on the promise made by R-Jio that Voice call would remained free as long as users have Net pack validity.

  • AnonD-257385

Brother you want real 4G speed, use reliance 4G between 2:00AM and 8:00AM. by the when its a paid service do you think we can afford it.

  • KingA

AnonD-410293, 02 Dec 2016i love it. Just one question in my mind. I got an apple ip... moreIdk

  • AnonD-278523

Vinu, 02 Dec 2016Speed is reduced bro..... it is not ass initial days now...... moreI have a jio hotspot just beside my house.. so i can browse it from my bedroom.. and yes it is very fast.. mych faster than their 4g..

  • AnonD-511611

Guys, the real speed of 4G will be found when free users won't use their Jio SIM anymore. After March 2017 i.e new Fiscal year, the Jio services shall be paid and then I believe the speeds will improve because then the free users will stop using Jio SIM. Please bear with the slow speeds at this moment. When these free-riders will stop using Jio, then the speeds will increase.

And if you are rich enough, you're free to use any other provider, namesake Vodafone (who dropped roaming charges all over India), Airtel (using cheap tricks to retain customers), or BSNL (the most Indian-like 3G provider who takes ages to replace your SIM to nano SIM).

P.S I'm a power user and I use 3GB on a daily basis learning things and subscribing EdX courses. There's a 24 hour block whenever I exceed this 4GB daily limit. Also, it's true that the speeds earlier were of God-Level. But now due to congestion, the speeds have further reduced. Once these free users will stop using, automatically we paid users will be in a win-win situation.

  • AnonD-100398

People just shut up and make use of all of those dual sim 4g smartphons..throw in ur new jio sim along with whatever old sim or number you are using ....then it hardly makes a diffrance whether u are using jio 4g and vodafone 3g or 4g or any other provider in dual sim combination ..LOL Simple enough.?. Right.? Now enjoy whatever network works best for you ..However for people who have only single sim 4g smartphones are in a bit of trouble as there is no other choice than MNP....and then blame jio 4g for slow speeds ..which is quite obvious as the network is free and people are abusing the network 24/7 by using heavy downloading ,you tube, torrents etc.till its free

  • dogla


  • Riya

Vinu, 02 Dec 2016Speed is reduced bro..... it is not ass initial days now...... moreThis was actually required stop the misuse ,, if something is free, this is an advantage, should not be misused

  • Vinu

AnonD-278523, 02 Dec 2016What is the problem? Are you frustrated? As per the jio pai... moreSpeed is reduced bro..... it is not ass initial days now.... please check properly

  • AnonD-248589

You can't even go 10 minutes without a dropped call.

  • Topdog_88

I'd bought lyf mobile which gave initially 3 months free jio services, the speeds were great approx 20mbps untill 8 nov, but then that stupid free welcome offer came and the service extended to 31st dec and speeds gone horribly slow to 512KBps which is slower than a damn 3g network, many times it dips down below 100, literally useless with a FUP of 4GB, forget about calls,even telenor is much better in it go use that!! Now this stupid thing is now extend to 31st march with 1GB FUP? Really, this is a torture to people like us using Internet 24x7, just make it commercial we are not poor people we can pay for what we use we don't want anything for free forever and indians who really think jio is worth, thanks you are the reason is develop

  • AnonD-278523

ithehappy, 01 Dec 2016Forget about them people. Free, LOL! Of course initially it... moreWhat is the problem? Are you frustrated? As per the jio paid plans, that will be in use after the free period (which is march 2017). are even lower than any 4g operator in India... not only that, jio 4g is even available in villages, where other operators couldnt even mind putting 3g data services.. now keeping everything aside.. just think over this.. 1gb airtel 4g data costs rs 250... So for a customer who gets the sim on january 1,2017 ( and yes its free, unlike any other operators) are getting 90gb of data free, which is worth 22,500 inr... and i am using it from the start.. and getting 4gbs per day.. so which is equal to rs (4*250*90)+(90*250)= rs 1,12,500... And not only that... i have been gwtting better speeds than airtel 4g or voda 4g... And as a bonus my calls and sms are free.. And will be free even after the welcome and new year offer expiry.... so give me one reason for your frustration and why people shouldnt jump into this carrier?? yes i know there are some problems with the network., but thats due to other carriers blocking the jio internetwork, not a problem within jio itself... Atleast i have zero problems using it as my primary sim.. and using a more reliable network only as an emergency secondary sim..

  • AnonD-412512

The Jio speed is not anywhere to be called 4G. Initially it was 16Mbps which has come down to 512Kbps now.

Also by offering the free data, Reliance has employed millions as their free testers. Just imagine how much money Reliance would have spent in testing the network in real-time

  • theo

Well.. Speaking of 4G .. Not on ebery country has 4G or LTE data.. Why??.. Is on our network provider or what??. PH here