Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 drops to $265 in US

03 December 2016
That's down around $35 from its usual price of $300.

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  • AnonD-615044
  • fpy
  • 05 Dec 2016

I really don't get it, how can anybody get this outdated model instead of the new 10.1 2016 model with higher quality screen and better performance for a lower price !!!
For the record ,i have both models at home I can really see the difference

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    • AnonD-614674
    • p8N
    • 03 Dec 2016

    The big phones killed the need to carry phone-OS tablets.
    If they wanna(or need) carry huge tablet, the Windows 10 tablet-PC is the better choice to make the work done.
    For ppl who still prefer small phones, small tablets 8'' still make sense though(but not 4:3)

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      • k0l9
      • MKL
      • 03 Dec 2016

      The ultimate tablet waste, of doing absolutely Nothing, (Not even Movies) except listening some mp3's

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        • AnonD-130610
        • ncG
        • 03 Dec 2016

        Of this way, in US, the people there, are special and prevailing people which must have special prices in any foreign brands, just them is that are people in this world. The Europeans, the Asians, the Latin Americans, the Africans and Oceanics don't deserve the same prevails that the North Americans (US and Canada) have. The others out of their countries (US and Canada) are insignificants and trash. It is in everything. Is in the technologic produtcs, cars, household apliances, in the medecine, in banking facilities, in power of decision if the economy of the foreign countries deserve better or worse classification globally or if these countries deserve a trash classification and enter in bankrupcy, etc.

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          • 03 Dec 2016

          Still too much for such a low end device