Samsung Galaxy S8 to come with stereo speakers, possibly Harman-powered

05 December 2016
The next Samsung flagship may end up with a powerful dual-speaker setup and possible Harman branding.

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Me reading this comment in 2021 😂

  • Anonymous

Where's the stereo speakers then?!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-600084, 09 Dec 2016Did you understand?,i say sony do a stereo speaker on phone... moreit's useless to use stereo speakers if you can only hear low volume. cough cough.. sony's speakers.

  • Troll

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2016I don't like listening on my $800 phone so just because I d... moreThen bring your TV anywhere you go, also bring a camera along. That would satisfy you.

  • rich watarious

Ahaaa! Harman Kardon stereo speakers for S8? Wow, Samsung is really making sure that every piece of the S8 product is of highest quality. Wonderful, this phone could be something else.

  • Anonymous

I dont know if im gonna buy samsung s7 thus month or just wait for the s8 to come up for latest phone . Any suggestion please ? Ty ☺

  • AnonD-600084

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2016And was sonys xperia stereo speakers back in 2009? No. And... moreDid you understand?,i say sony do a stereo speaker on phone first before samsung,i just compare this two brand Ok?

and if you compare this two brand from other department,i pretty sure that sony have more invention and more achievement

  • Anonymous

OperationBlitz , 06 Dec 2016As a Note 7 purchaser and never receiver, All I want is the... moreI don't like listening on my $800 phone so just because I don't means nobody else should get to enjoy it.
And little do I know the radio is already there. They just block it out. So because I don't like it and it's an $800 phone that inbuilt features are being unvoluntarily removed I'm happy because I don't use it.

And again. I don't care about the speaker quality on my $800 phone so why should anyone else care?
In fact I'm gonna make up this scenario in my head that is completely bogus but state it as if it is perfectly fitting and logical.
Anyone that wants quality speakers must be some annoying kid who wants to blare music on a bus to torment people.

In fact let's be like the rest of those types of people. Why do we need this high res good quality displays? We have tvs.
And why should they have good graphics? Only kids and immature people play games or do anything graphical on phones.
And if want to complain about cameras so much on phones you should just go buy a camera.
And why do we need more ram? It's just a phone.
You people are stupid to expect improved and better tech on these devices.
They should just make it single core, maybe 1gb ram, 4 inch wvga display, a crappy single speaker that at least plays ring tones, and a noisy crappy 3mp..
BUT STILL CHANGE US $800. Then I'll be satisfied.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-600084, 06 Dec 2016Hmm look like samsung is following sony trail,before this t... moreAnd was sonys xperia stereo speakers back in 2009? No.
And in that case Sony and anyone that plays or records in HD or uses a camera period is copying samsung. Soooooo.....

  • Anonymous

LostInTheSorrow, 06 Dec 2016Yes, this is against bezel-less phones. I actually meant no... moreLike they did worth their Omnia HD which I'm listening to right now

  • Anonymous

I think its a nice move. I like to try phones but after 2 months with Alcatel 4s I wont change soon. The speakers were never a thing I used to check when getting a phone, but now I know. YouTube and gaming with qhd oled and jbl speakers is something else.

  • Savor

And no 3.5mm headphone jack.

Never again to Apple and Samsung when it comes to smartphones. Apple makes the best computers though because OSX is so stable and Samsung make excellent TVs. But never again to an iPhone or Galaxy flagship if no headphone jack and removable battery.

Stick to LG.

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2016The top and bottom idea is good but against Samsung idea of... moreYes, this is against bezel-less phones. I actually meant not placing speakers on top and bottom of the screen but on top and bottom of the body of the phone.

  • Anonymous

Bras, 06 Dec 2016Pls put fm radio.... im still in my note 2! i need it.Note 4 has it

  • Anonymous

From the look of things, not that branded stereo speakers or dual rear cameras interest me: They throw in a Harman-powered speaker so they can easily charge about $700-800 minimum; They junk out dual rear cameras so as not to charge $1000+ premium if both Harman stereo speakers and dual rear cameras are a go on the S8

  • AnonD-617734

6.2 good Thanks Samsung phones

  • Anonymous

This is going to be so sweet! Samsung literally have to pull out all the stops and I can't wait! I will gladly welcome stereo speakers too.

  • SJM32

I Admit Im HTC Fan, 06 Dec 2016HTC - Aluminum unibody - Apple Copied HTC - Boom Sound Ste... moreDual camera was first used by LG on the Optimus 3D I think you will find.

All other 'copies' are adapted by other companies to move with the times.

  • random access ONE

I Admit Im HTC Fan, 06 Dec 2016HTC - Aluminum unibody - Apple Copied HTC - Boom Sound Ste... morethe first iPhone had aluminium unibody design

  • AnonD-312515

Bezel-less display...Samsung Galaxy Mix?