Fitbit acquires Pebble for $40 million

07 December 2016
Bloomberg reports that Fitbit is on track to buy software assets from Pebble. According to Bloomberg's sources, the deal will be about Pebble's intellectual property in the form of OS, watch apps, and cloud services.

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  • 08 Dec 2016

Pebble was the first company which came up with a smart watch idea. It's a sad day for small companies which innovative and come with ideas. I have seen this happen to Modu Mobile Phones it was such an awesome concept. Then came along Jolla a real nice UI and experience but then it too is struggling. Pebble was my favorite smart watch and I'm Sad to see it go.

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    • 07 Dec 2016

    It's normal.Smart watches even in the form that pebble was offering are a gimmick.Not to mention that when you buy a watch, you expect to wear it for at least few years, but company like pebble needs to sell all the time.
    Also, most of pebble designs weren't very good, nothing you want to wear on your hand everyday...

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      • 07 Dec 2016

      Feelsbadman. Pebble was main one pushing e-ink.

        I really wanted to get the first gen pebble watches, and i was an 'Enter' away from ordering the second gen from kickstarter. I'm glad i did not.

        I'm really sad to pretty much say 'good bye' to Pebble, i loved their watches and i wanted to get one this Christmas...

        Fitbit's design and software is really ugly in my opinion (their features are good though)... Let's see what they come up with

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          • 07 Dec 2016

          Gunjandeep, 07 Dec 2016I own a Pebble, First Gen, Found it as the most Sensible Sm... moreI feel you. I own a Time. The only watch I would willingly replace it with is another Pebble.

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            • 07 Dec 2016

            This can have 2 varying impacts - Fitbit will shelve the Pebble's affordable range and will use its e-ink display tech for flex models
            Or It will slowly integrate those high selling pebble watches into Fitbit portfolio

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              • Gunjandeep
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              • 07 Dec 2016

              I own a Pebble, First Gen, Found it as the most Sensible Smartwatch option.
              Ahh, Bad Bad News this is.

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                • 07 Dec 2016

                Who is going to buy Fitbit when the fitness tracker fad is over (which is very soon)?

                The reason the smartwatch fad ended so quickly is price. $300+ for a "watch" that duplicates all of your smartphone's key functions, but in a very inferior manner. Yeah, that was bound to last.

                Fitness wearables will last a little longer because of the price, and because there are large swaths of the population that take great pleasure in virtue signalling ("look at me, I'm a health nut!")

                Still, Fitbit will be defunct within 2 years.

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                  • 07 Dec 2016