Lenovo to launch Moto M in India on December 13

07 December 2016
Pricing and availability will be announced at launch.

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  • ravi

I am in need of Motorola 64 gb

  • Sampath

AnonD-280030, 09 Dec 2016Why Lenovo is launching Moto M intead of Motorola??Because Lenovo owns Motorolla, Lenovo is the Parent Company

  • AnonD-280030

Why Lenovo is launching Moto M intead of Motorola??

  • Iliatenn

I was a Moto G fan, purchased G 4G (1st) and G (2nd)...
The 1st one just died all of a sudden, no power up, no signs of life - just a white led when charging;
The 2nd one lost its both cameras, when I opened it for the 1st time, I spotted loosened bolts. Later on the 2nd one stopped turning off - repeated boot screens with M.
Sorry, I'm done with Motorola, never again, no more.

  • chris

is there any dedicated slot for sd card??

  • Natt

[deleted post]Superb!! Initiative, was looking for more such, people to come forward share opinions & reviews of mobile techonology besides popular forums, welcome good luck...keep up the good work,

  • ashu

It's rate should be around 15 to 16k

What a joke, lol.

  • sharma

Are you sure or is it just another rumor ?

  • 10ATP

Now I have to ask; what is the point of this model when there is practically no difference in the internals. It undermines the G4 Plus, unless there is something I have overlooked. Either make the G4 plus this spec, or remove the G4 plus from the options available. Stop wasting resources making phones that are practically identical except for a few grand of aluminium.

  • Anonymous

same as g4 plus